Fun, Sophisticated, Charming Voice Needed

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Job # 6182 Fun, Sophisticated, Charming Voice Needed

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Feb 7, 2008 @ 04:41
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Feb 8, 2008
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Looking for a fun, sexy yet sophisticated female voice to be the persona for a phone system. Any native English speaking accent is acceptable, We would love to hear what a British, North American, Australian, or South African accent sounds like with this script! We'd love to hear from voice artists with other accents not mentioned above as well.

This is the beginning of a small demo system that we are in the process of converting into a big product that will potentially need 4000 lines of recording. So we need this voice to blow the minds away of the potential investors.

Tsykick is pronounced much the same way as Psychic or sigh-kick. However, do not worry so much about the exact pronunciation as we are more interested in the unique nuances that your voice might bring to the word.


1. Thank you for calling Tsykick. Please say or key in the 4 digit password associated with your account

2. Hmmm….I either have the wrong password or I’m just having some trouble recognizing your selection. Using your keypad, please enter your 4-digit Tsykick Password

3. Welcome Back.

4. I’m sorry, I’m still having some difficulties authenticating you. Just so I make sure I have this right, Tell me or key in your 10 digit phone number

5. And your four digit password?

6. Thank You.

7. Give me a moment while I fetch you your email. If you’d like something else, just say cancel and I’ll take you back to the main menu

8. Ok! So what would you like to do? Access your newsfeeds, Check your email, Facebook for a little while or just listen to the weather forecast?

9. Email!…..Absolutely!

10. NewsFeeds!….Just one moment!

11. Facebook!.....Your wish is my command!

12. Weather!…..Sure!

13. I wish I could help you with that one. But there’s no real agents that I can transfer you to. But I assure you, I’ll do my best to help you here.

14. I’m sorry, I am having trouble understanding your selection. Let’s try that again

15. To listen to the latest Newsfeeds press 1

16. To check your email press 2

17. If you’d like to have some fun Facebooking press 3

18. For the weather, press 4

19. What are you in a mood for? Some exciting news? Or hockey? Or some stock quotes?

20. Ok, here’s what the weatherman had to say

21. You have

22. Unread Email

23. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten

24. I’ll get the librarian to read out the email if you just tell me its number.

25. CNN or MSNBC, what’s it going to be this time?

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