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Job # 6216 Male coach for medical simulator

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Feb 11, 2008 @ 15:47
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Feb 14, 2008
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English (North American)
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We need voice-over for an on-screen male coach in a medical simulator.

Overall comments: The product is an allied health training simulator published by one of the leading international publishers. The coach appears with a photo (not yours) & speaks via speech bubbles to the person playing the simulator. Whatever he says, must have voice over, your voice. Your age is 30s, "neutral" American (if such a thing exists), no particular accent. Please be careful not to overplay.

We are finishing the simulator over the weekend, so you would need to be available this weekend to do the very last recordings. It will not take a lot of time, since the bulk of the recording will have been done by then.

The simulator can only work with your voice-over sample mp3 files if you honor the following requirements FOR THE FINAL PRODUCT. Please only respond to this job if you can honor these requirements. Audition by sending an MP3 file via the system.

    1. Each sample must be in a separate mp3

    2. The mp3 must have a name provided by us, it is not ok to invent your own name. Notice the name should not have ".mp3" twice: ".mp3.mp3".

    3. The samples must be zipped and sent to us using
    or zipped and uploaded to your own web site, so that we can download it
    without special instructions.

    4. You must check that all files are present

    5. You must check that all files are of an ok quality (i.e., it
    is not our responsibility to go through the files and check that they are all ok)

    6. We will send the lines to record in several batches: the main batch, and several additional ones later. The price for this project includes all the work (not just the initial batch)

    7. We will need an example of 20 samples in the way described above to test that everything works when we have selected a voice.

    8. We need "same day" turn-around time on the additional batches of lines toward the deadline. But note that those final batches of lines have fewer lines, as the bulk has been recorded at that time.

Quality of each mp3:

    a. The mp3 sound quality must be good

    b. 44kHz

    c. The mp3 must be without lead time, so that it plays in the simulator without a pause

    d. The mp3 must be without extra time at the end, so that it stops playing immediately after the speech ends

    e. Take special care when cutting the mp3 that there are no ending sputters or "plops" or other artefacts

    f. The volume of all mp3s must be the same

Here is a sample script with lines to record.

"zs5ehs", "Open the door of the autoclave again"

"rk5vjj", "Remember to close the door of the autoclave."

"rmyypu", "I propose that you read the Glucose value after 30 seconds"

"4dd1z0", "I suggest you ask the patient '"

"yeytpf", "You have not reviewed the debriefing. You get to this personalized feedback by clicking 'Debriefing'. If you intentionally want to skip receiving feedback, just click 'Next' once more."

"ckzm8z", "You have to close the valve of the pressure bulb before you can inflate the cuff. Do so by clicking 'Closed' in the box to the right"

"9sifbc", "When performing venipuncture, you will be exposed to blood and, according to OSHA, this is a category I task. You are required to take specific protective measures, such as wearing a protective laboratory coat."

"v5mf7i", "Use this slide to point out the difference between traditional e-learning and what high fidelity simulation can do"

"asqebb", "When you attach the cuff in real life, please make sure that the bladder inside the cuff encircles at least 80% of the arm."

"czv8vn", "When you are ready, click 'Next' to see your final score"

"iu2stq", "You need to know the height and weight of the patient first!"

"kyn7tv", "Click one of the three pictures to select your medical assistant"

"jnqqtd", "The objective of the Precautions Skills Simulator is for you to learn two things:"

"0y7ekq", "This completes the tour!"

"17t8e8", "Now you can choose either to take a guided tour of the simulator or you can try the simulator on your own."

"2diafk", "You should remember to wash your hands first before touching the patient or any equipment. Try to find that option yourself."

"4y8q34", "Well done. Since your eyes and mouth are not exposed when doing a capillary puncture, you do not need any further protection and you are done with this scenario."

"3r4qh6", "The next step is to explain what you are going to do to the patient. Search the picture for this option."

"3hh8zf", "You have not reviewed any of the debriefings of the various aspects of your performance. You get to this personalized feedback by clicking 'Debriefing' in each of the categories. If you intentionally want to skip receiving feedback, just click 'Next' once more."

"20nhgh", "You can choose from your equipment in the panel to the right."

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