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Feb 27, 2008 @ 11:38
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Mar 2, 2008
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This will be a self Help audio book. The attached copy is just a rough draft which will be edited and chopped down a bit.

I am just looking for a rough estimate based on the approximate word count of 26886.

Please find a portion of the script below for audition purposes. Full script available in attachment.

Every desire is the heart of some ideal. Your desires always come true. Your wishes seldom do; they die by
consuming themselves in forever wishing wishes. A desire with a body or an ideal with a heart always becomes
a reality! Every desire is the heart center of some ideal that is either revealed to consciousness and understood or
hidden in the ultra-consciousness and misunderstood. The ideal is the active body of the desire. Do not expect
your desire to come true unless you give it a body. Construct an ideal that gives substance to each desire. Make
the ideal active; -endow it with the process of attainment. Then, it will become a reality! It will come true!

But an “idea” is not an “ideal”! That is where your trouble often lies! Only a few -a very, very few -of your ideas
ever come true. And very, very few of your thoughts and plans ever materialize if they are made up of ideas
instead of ideals. An ideal always manifests itself in action and becomes a reality. Unless it does so, it is not an

In using the term “ideal” I am not conceiving any particular meaning of the word to fit my own philosophy; I am
using the word as it is made definite by all dictionaries of the English language, -that is, that an ideal is a perfect
image in the mind. An ideal differs from an idea. An idea is an image in the mind. An ideal is a perfect image in
the mind. Every idea or ideal is composite, -it is made up of parts. Your idea of an orange includes, among a
score of images: certain images of color, for you know it is not black; certain images of size, for you know an
orange is not as small as a pinhead or as large as a watermelon; certain images of odor, it does not smell like an
onion; and certain images of taste, for it does not taste like carrots or potatoes, pickles or chilli-sauce.

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