GreeHee The Journey of Five - Tales of Tamoor Book One

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Job # 6886 GreeHee The Journey of Five - Tales of Tamoor Book One

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Apr 1, 2008 @ 07:44
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May 1, 2008
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Note from - this job is being closed early as client has found someone to record. Thank you.

Story is from an adolescent dragon's viewpoint with a variety of character voices.

The dragon is a deep-thinker with a big heart. He is thoughtful and intelligent. A young voice that has not yet deepened, but not tinny, rather a tenor compared to a base. Could sound like Elijah Wood

The supporting character is a female fairy who might sound like Meg Ryan.

There is a giant whose voice sounds like Sean Connery.

There are forty-six characters in the book, mostly male voices.

I am either looking for a variety of voices to do different parts, or a very versatile actor to do all of them. Please provide hourly quote and if you're able to record multiple characters

To get a feel for the book and read the first chapter visit


GreeHee has never flown beyond his mountain. He's never seen a fairy or a wizard before, and never known a giant.
All GreeHee knows is a lonely life living with his cruel father who calls him a sniveling runt and who often abandons him for months at a time. He never knew his mother and has never had a friend. He spends his days practicing the dragon-art, hoping someday to make his father proud.

But all that is about to change when a little fairy stumbles into his world activating an ancient prophecy and he begins a journey unlike anything he could have imagined. Now he will not only make friends and experience astonishing magic at every turn, but a glorious destiny awaits him...if GreeHee can survive the traps and withstand the evil.

Sample from Website

Chapter 1

GreeHee looked in the mirror and snarled. Baring his teeth, he blew tiny smoke rings through his wide nostrils. He studied his face. What is the secret of fierceness? He must become so terrifying that he scared himself. "I must!" he repeated out loud.

Stomping and snarling, he left the jeweled mirror and headed for the forest. At the entrance of the cave, he stopped, threw back his shoulders, screwed his face into a scowl, and stomped out into the afternoon sun.

As he approached the dense evergreen forest, he conjured up the presence of his fierce father Tereem. He began to mimic Tereem's walk, languid yet emphatic, rippling each muscle through to the tip of his tail before taking another stride. He moved towards a shrub, imagining it to be a grubby dwarf guarding his cache of jewels and gold. Pretending to be Tereem, GreeHee stared down at the ‘dwarf' commanding in his deepest rumbling voice, "Vermin, die!" Then with a blast of fire the shrub burst into flames. GreeHee imagined the dwarf screaming and running off.

About the Client

GreeHee Publishing publishes fiction and non-fiction that expands the mind of the reader offering answers and techniques to increase joy in daily life.

Currently we have one published work, the first of five books in a new genre, young adult metaphysical fantasy. GreeHee The Journey of Five - Tales of Tamoor Book One, has won two awards for Best Juvenile Fiction and Visionary Fiction. It is available in the hardbound collector's edition and just released in January 2008 in a trade-size paperback.

Book Two is planned for release in 2009.

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