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Job # 689 Animated Cartoon Shorts

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Sep 27, 2005 @ 21:22
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Oct 3, 2005
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We are planning on doing 12 5 minute animated shorts over the next 12 months, and are looking to cast the voice talent. Each episode has about 2 pages of script. The budget range is the entire budget, so please quote accordingly.

The following is the main cast, along with test dialog we would like to see recorded:

Lead Male #1:

Age 23-24. Male, Caucasian. Thin, but not scrawny. Slightly poor posture. Laid-back, sarcastic, with an innocently-ignorant way about him. Hardcore gamer, can act very over-the-top at times. Very exaggerated movements and vocal range. Slightly insane at times, but blissfully unaware. Sees nothing wrong with his extreme behavior. Accident-prone. Always looking for ways to be lazier. Self-styled inventor, but 9 out of 10 creations end in disaster.

Average 20-something voice. Not very deep.

Test Dialogue:

• “I regret that I have but one life to waste on video games!” (Fervish declaration)

• “Also, there is a distinct possibility that your bedroom now houses a trio of goats. I had forgotten about them until now.” (Casual admittance)

• “Ok, now you’ve crossed over into the realm of the super-nerd, whereby even regular nerds beat you up and steal your lunch money.” (Sarcastic insult)

Lead Male #2:

Age 24-25. Male, Caucasian. Physically fit, but not a jock. Takes pride in his appearance. Meticulously styled hair. Very sarcastic. Sharp-tongued. Hardcore gamer, but less intense about the obsession. Level-headed. Bitter about the world-at-large due to years spent in the customer service industry. Pushes all limits on how far he can insult a customer to their face and get away with it. Voice of reason.

Not a deep voice, but slightly deeper than Ethan’s.

Test Dialogue:

• “I’m going on my lunch break. I’m not trained to deal with this particular level of stupidity.” (Casual Sarcasm)

• “Customer service is like chewing on broken glass. Only one-hundred times less fun.” (Sarcasm)

• “It might have been random, but man, it was funny.” (Calm quip)

Lead Female #1:

Age 23-24. Female, Caucasian. Very attractive, but not caught up in the fact. Very intelligent, strong female personality. Annoyed with the stereotypical treatment she receives for being a girl gamer. Tolerant of Ethan, but can be pushed into angry annoyance. Able to exchange verbal lashings with the best of them. Bit of a tomboy side to her, while still maintaining a very feminine appearance.

Very feminine, cute voice. Absolutely not “valley-girl”, but not “butch” either.

Test Dialogue:

• “Yeah well your face wasn’t made for girls either. Maybe we can find you a ‘never gonna get laid’ game.” (Quick Comeback)

• “Stop staring at my breasts for a moment so you can watch me kick your butt at Halo.” (Eyebrow raised, slightly annoyed, very condescending)

• “Aww sweetie. I love you too.” (Genuine Affection towards boyfriend)

Supporting Robot Male:

No real age. Sentient robot constructed out of an Xbox video game console. Many human personality traits, but with a lot of ignorance towards the world and how it functions. Very casually suggestive in a sexual manner. No extreme emotions.

An average adult male voice, slightly tinny for the robotic effect. Not a huge range of emotions, mostly speaks matter-of-factly.

Test Dialogue:

• “Hey, dinner and a movie first, pal. Dinner and a movie.” (Annoyed)

• “Humanity can kiss my hard drive!” (Raised and slightly angered tone)

• “Arrr, I feel pretty.” (Mock pirate accent)

Supporting Male:

Age 24-25. Male, Caucasian. Hippie, very laid back and casual. Almost spacy. Free-thinking independent. Quiet most of the time. Rarely seen or heard, keeps to himself. Mostly a mystery. Little known about him or his past.

Hippie-ish voice without sounding like a stoner. Laid-back.

Test Dialogue:

• “There’s pudding in the fridge.” (Attempting to distract)

• “Microsoft rots, man. Forget the man. Viva la Linux Revolution.” (Casual Propaganda)

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