Finding financial independence with a web business!

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Job # 690 Finding financial independence with a web business!

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Sep 27, 2005 @ 22:45
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Sep 30, 2005
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Lively voice over and back ground music for the following script approximately 570 words.



Finding financial independence with a web business!
A Web Business - A New Life by Johan Horak

According to a recent Harris poll, 72% of American households today are looking for ways to start a home-based business.

But every household faces tough decisions as they look for answers because home business opportunities are fraught with get rich quick schemes.

Decide wisely and your financial goals are within reach with a proven concept.

Create a web business and start a new life.

It is simple to do and you can do it as long as you have a passion.

People are searching online for information on your passion and are willing to pay you for your knowledge.

Dr. Burch, a dentist is using it, said, “It already brings in $10 000 a month in additional revenue” Dr. Burch’s site is ranked the top 0.25% of 56 million sites in the world.

A passion will give you the energy to build a web business that works.

"A lot of people don't enjoy their job, they may even hate it. But I am lucky enough to be able to make a living through my passion."
Martin Yan

As long as you can type, you can do it.

The system takes care of the fancy tools and you focus on generating income
by spending time writing about what you love.

Many ordinary people like you and me have become independent.

For example:

Jim from sells handmade juggling balls that his 90 year-old grandmother knits for him. His site is ranked in the top 0.12%.

Nori, a 15 year-old girl, generates $1000's with her Nori’s site is in the top 0.04%.

You can get your web business in the top 3% of the 56 million web sites guaranteed – if you work smarter.

That’s not all. Thirty-five percent of all sites using this system are in the top 1%. Sixty-Two percent are in the top 3%.

It provides you with all the training to make you a success.

The support is like having an expert on standby.
Your technical expert and advisor.
Your marketing expert and advisor.
Your traffic building expert and advisor.
Your guidance and support advisor.
Your finder of new money making ideas.

The support forums are the place to be with 10 000 posts per month from ordinary people helping ordinary people.

Decide what you love - part time then full time.

What can you do?

For example:

Information publishing: All you need is a passion and knowledge. Convert the knowledge into content and the system shows you how to sell your knowledge.

Or sell a service or a product: Around the block or around the world - create content about your service or product and Web surfers will find you in the top when you use it.

Sales and rentals: is a great example.

They have created trust. Now they are making $1000s with people who signed up for their newsletter. This site is in the top 0.16% of all sites in the world.

Will you be able to reach your financial goals with this proven concept?

Get rich quick schemes threaten your success.

Decide wisely and build a web business to start a new life.

You’ll find financial independence with this proven concept.

Working Smarter! Guarantees success 10 times faster.
Visit now and get your free new-life gifts.

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