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Job # 697 Audio Books By Robert Stanek and Others

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Sep 28, 2005 @ 22:05
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Dec 15, 2005
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We are looking to work with many individuals of varying degrees of experience. Ideally, those we choose would be familiar with our titles and our lead author, Robert Stanek.

We are a member of the Audio Publisher's Association and launched our first audio titles in 2005.

We are now seeking new voice talent for a number of upcoming projects.

The books in audio form would need to be edited and professionally polished by you prior to submitting to us.

Please review the books of Robert Stanek, if possible, before sending us a formal proposal to our mailing address.

Please include detailed rate quote as well.

Mail to:

Reagent Press, RP Books

PO Box 362

East Olympia, WA


Thank you very much,

Thomas Green

Sample #1

(c) 2005 Reagent Press All Rights Reserved

Mortimer smiled and nodded at the gnome and muttered a curse under his breath. He could hardly stand such creatures. Making sure that all the wizard items were secure on the boat, Mortimer signaled for the ship to leave. It swooped down to the North Pole and out to load more stones and dirt into crates.
He walked back toward his beloved city. He waved at various citizens and proceeded toward his favorite eatery, He ordered his food and waited for Digorence to show his dirt encased face. When he came Mortimer remembered to pinch his nose in time. “How’s your latest discovery, Gnome?”
The little man shrugged, and placed it on the table, panting with the effort. “See for yourself Dragonman.”
Mortimer nodded and inspected the book. He tried one of the spells and from the sky came a pink elephant. When Mortimer peered over the table to look at Digorence he saw the Gnome lying on his back, gyrating in fits of laughter.
The Gnome sat up and composed himself but fell back down when he saw Mortimer’s angry face. Mortimer rolled his eyes and tried another spell, “Blastum waterum Wizzariondom!” A flower sprouted from the book and sprayed Mortimer with a blast of water, causing him to fall backwards under the pressure.

Sample #2

(c) 2005 Reagent Press All Rights Reserved

Flight bag in hand, I entered ops and looked around. It was rather deserted for the middle of the morning.
“All flights have been cancelled for today,” warned the Watch Officer from behind his desk, “you should check in with the chief.”
“Check in with the chief?” I asked. The Watch Officer shrugged his shoulders. Needless to say, I double-timed it to the D.O.’s office.
“Morning chief, what’s up?” I asked.
“Ah shit, guess no one got hold of the crew that was flying today!” There was something about the way the old chief said it, that made me chuckle. He was the only chief I knew that flew every chance he got. The major looked up from his desk. He didn’t say anything he just sort of smiled. To him, it was just old Jimmie being himself.
“Guess not.” I replied.
“Get on down to Life Support and fit a chemical mask. Then head over for mobility processing at the hanger across the lot.”
“Real world?” I asked.
“Real world. Got it?”
I nodded solemn agreement.

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