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Job # 7016 Pirates Dinner Adventure :30 Spot

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Apr 8, 2008 @ 16:54
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Apr 10, 2008
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Spanish (Latin American)
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Here's the Gig:

A Spanish version of the Pirates Dinner Adventure commercial found at the link below. Just click on the red Pirates logo (scroll down a little).

The client needs the VO for the :30 second spot. I will receive the script later today. I want to try to convince them to record a Spanish version of everything they would need just so we have it. Since this will affect the cost of your service, please give me a rough idea on your particular rates and how you break a job down by word or pages. Any insight on this would help me for the future.

The spot is for local/regional television, although they have two locations. Orlando FL and Buena Park CA. We might do the VO for both, just so we have them in the can. This will all depend on how much they want to spend right now.


The VO's that were done for the :60 spot were done before the existence of Voices.com so there was not much choice. We are looking for a voice closer to the sound and feel of the first narrator voice in the :60 versus the bright, announcer type voice at the end.

The announcer type voice has great energy, but it sounds too bright and doesn't match the feel of the commercial. I want the voice to feel like a strong, deep, adventurous captain, and live up to the scope of the visuals. But at the same time, not sound cheap.

Please let me know what other languages or dialects (North American VS South American Spanish etc...) you are able to do.

I hope I gave you enough to work with, I should be receiving an official script from the client later today. I appreciate all of your input and talent.

Thank You!

-Hector J Ortiz

If you want to record a sample, feel free to translate over any piece of the :60 spot and give it a shot or...

Live the pirates life!

(My proper Spanish is rusty so feel free to translate this in any way that makes sense)

Pirates Dinner Adventure
llama 1-800-866-2469 oh visita a
pirates dinner adventure .com

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