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Sep 30, 2005 @ 15:35
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We are looking for an authoratative male voice to read the announcer vo part slugged Jenzabar in the following script. Jenzabar provides administrative software solutions for colleges.

Note from IV: Full script is provided for quoting purposes and efficiency.

Jenzabar Announcer (AVO):
Lifecycle management has become a key concept in higher education. While the student has always been at the center of institutional missions, the changing landscape of the education industry has promoted a view of the student as a customer of the institution. As the educational community gravitates toward this concept it necessitates changes in the way institutions interact with their constituents. Student lifecycle management is an approach that imposes a customer-centric model on all institutional activities, from recruiting to development.

Jenzabar is at the forefront of this trend.

Client (Carroll College):
Jenzabar has had a huge impact on our school’s ability to recruit students. We have found that the ability to customize CX to the way we like to do recruiting, has been extremely valuable. We do have a lot of customized local environments that allow our enrollment people to contact recruits frequently, and target those contacts with those prospective students, to what those students’ interests and needs are.

I was looking at a bunch of schools. My parents wanted me to check out their schools, my guidance counselor gave me some ideas and I wanted to look at some on my own.

Jenzabar AV0:
Attracting and matriculating good prospects is essential an institutions ongoing viability. National surveys of college-bound students suggest that students' enrollment decisions are increasingly influenced by the institution's commitment to computing and information technology. There is no better way to message this to a candidate than giving them access to the institution’s portal to learn about the school and manage their application process.

CRM Admissions Officer

Client (Carroll College):
the customization that we’re doing in partnership with Jenzabar will allow our candidates to come into an environment where they can select major interests, they can select extracurricular interests, they can select decision-making factors. And then we can present content to them, specifically to their areas of interest or concern.

So I filled out a form online at this one school and they sent me back an email. They gave me a login with links to the music department and the field hockey schedule and stuff for new students. They also gave me a guy’s email address if I had questions. They had financial stuff for my parents and also a link to a chat room where I could talk to some of their students.

CRM Candidate

Client (Carroll College):
they can login to the candidate CRM, select from possible majors, and then customize the next time they come back to the portal environment. So that we are focused on their interests, both their majors, their extracurricular interests. Also in terms of what factors are important to them and their decision-making process as they select a college.

Jenzabar AV0:
Admissions officers and candidates both have visibility into the application process. They can interact and remove any impediments in the process. Meanwhile the candidate can explore campus life through the institutional portal and begin to get connected to the community.

So I got accepted to two schools, well, three, but two that we could afford. And I was trying to decide which one – I took the campus tours and stuff, but I’d already been emailing with one of them. And they had sent me all the financial aid stuff and everything. It seemed like they really wanted me to go there. And I liked that I could do everything online, I mean I did my whole application and they sent me notices about the other stuff they needed and when things arrived and I could just go in and check myself.

Client (Philips Graduate Institute):
Students are very different today in how they want to interact with a school and interact with technology. They don’t want to wait in lines. They want an answer at two in the morning. They want a simple answer. So this is a way, I think, that technology can help us with that.

And so after I’d accepted they sent me a “welcome” email for new students that had a bunch of stuff, groups and stuff, for new students, all the stuff about housing and parking, like that. And registration was really easy. I’d been emailing with my advisor and he gave me some recommendations and let me know the required courses and all that. And my parents got copies of everything, but I could make all the payments online.


Client (Columbia College Chicago):
It’s helped the self-service piece immensely for the students. They are really taking to the self-service, being able to do it 24 hours a day. They get their billing, they can do their registration, they can change their courses as many times as they want. They really enjoy it.

Jenzabar AV0:
No more lines for registration. No more student frustrations and scrambling to fill schedules. Faculty can access student rosters and advisors can begin working with students before the semester even begins. On the business side, online billing, housing requirements, medical forms and all the other necessary administrate can be facilitated through a portal. The student record is consistent throughout the process with every department able to access the same data.

They let me know the course schedules and the hand-outs and book lists were all there. And I could set up my page with my classes and other stuff. And I got an invitation to join a forum for new students and a posting from the coach letting me know when try-outs are, and the menus from the dining hall were there and an email address for my roommate.

CRM faculty

Client (Claremont McKenna):
The faculty have great need for it, and they’ve all loved it and see the value of it. Especially at the beginning of the semester, to be able to get online quickly, their rosters.
Now it’s all in one with pictures, those kinds of things. And we’re enabled to do, in conjunction with a course management software, they’re really becoming more involved in the students’ lives.

So I wasn’t doing very well, in my, you know, math – I hate math, but it’s required, but I wasn’t getting it. And my advisor set me up in this group, and we had a mentor who helped a lot. And I passed math, and that helped a lot, and my parents were really pleased. They didn’t let me get lost. And some of my friends at other schools didn’t have that kind of help, and they were thinking that their school didn’t care as much and maybe they’d go somewhere else.

Jenzabar AV0:
Keeping the student engaged is key to retention. So is the ability to track progress and recognize individuals who are at risk. Although there is no substitute for face-to-face interaction, intervention can also be effected online, through forums, chat and mentoring programs.

Learning Management System

Client (Columbia College Chicago):
with the ability to communicate through e-mails and through the class-- through the Learning Management system, the faculty being able to get in contact with them, knowing whether or not we’ve cleared them for registration; that they have a process that they need to follow with their advisors-- that has helped our retention.

I can check my grades anytime. And my GPA. And all the financial stuff, and of course chat with my study group and homework and quizzes. I still go to class and all that, but all the paperwork stuff is, you know, done. And my professors can email me stuff and so in class we can actually talk and discuss stuff.

CRM Student

Client (Southeastern Technical Institute):
it provides an environment where faculty can engage their student in another way that is typically not traditional, that we wouldn’t think of as traditional, yet our learners would think of as the way that they want to get going. And I would hope that an alumni would say, “It’s one of the reasons I donated money, because it’s a first-class organization, and it’s another reason that I want my child to go.”

Jenzabar AV0:
Studies have shown that graduation rates are directly related to alumni giving, as is the quality of the educational experience. Performance measurements are critical to inform institutional leadership and drive decision-making.

Client (Judson College):
I’ve seen a real emphasis on the knowledge economy. How much do I know? How much do I know about my customer, and in my case, that’s a student. A real, live student. And what is it that I can do to be better? All of a sudden, I’ve got all of these data nuggets that hopefully become knowledge nuggets that can help me be an institution at a better level.


Jenzabar AV0:
Jenzabar not only provides the mechanisms for engagement and retention, but also provides the tools for analysis that drives improvement, growth and institutional vitality.

Client (Columbia College Chicago):
We have a KPI for Accounts Receivable and for Admissions right now, and we’re going to do one for the Institutional Advancement eventually. But we have those two that enable the vice presidents to take a look, and day-to-day, see what’s going on.
And so therefore, we watch our numbers of who’s matriculating, and to admitted and confirmed very closely, to see if we’re going to be able to make budget. And so we use that, and we want to see where the cash flow is, how much financial aid has been posted, how much is outstanding, how much cash has come in, and so on.

Jenzabar AV0:
Upon graduation, the forward-thinking institution is looking to keep their alumni connected. Continuing the relationship beyond the “on campus” experience is critical in building a strong support base, which drives recruiting, fundraising and raises the overall profile of the institution. A personalized experience can maintain the alumni connection and keep them active in the community.

CRM Constituent

Throughout college career I used the Degree Audit feature to make sure I was on track for graduation. My advisor could check it too. And so, when I was looking at grad schools I wanted to find one that offered the same sort of connectivity that made my undergraduate experience so valuable. Also, I automatically became part of the alumni network and they keep me in the loop about what’s going on. Since I had a great undergraduate experience, the school asked me if I could talk to one of the candidates that is thinking of going there. I said “sure” and they sent us both an email to introduce each other. And now my dad, who graduated before they had any of this online stuff, goes to his page to make donations and check the football and basketball scores.

CRM Advancement Officer


The transfer of information from candidate to alumnus is seamless, and Advancement Officers can leverage their knowledge of the on campus experience to solicit potential contributors and build awareness of the continuing evolution of the institution among those who are no longer on campus. Access to data can drive targeted, personalized solicitations that are powerful development tools.

Client (Columbia College Chicago):
Integrity, follow-through, partnership: those are the things that we look for in our partners. Like I said, we have a small team, and so we want to augment our team with their team. And so that’s what we look for in our partners. And Jenzabar has been meeting those needs, they really have. They listen to their customers, they have the JAMS, they have the surveys, they follow what is necessary to get the new products that we need.
And they drive in on what our needs are. And they’re aggressive, and progressive; they’re looking into the future on the new applications, they’re moving to dot-net. And so they have the features in a partner that we were looking for.
we need to look at the new products. Because the new products that they’re putting out are remarkable, and I think they’re really being aggressive, and they’re going to be wonderful for the students to use.

Jenzabar AV0:
There is no doubt that the delivery of education is evolving rapidly through technological innovation. Providing a quality education experience is a challenge, particularly in the face of increasing costs, greater accountability, stiffened competition, and escalating student expectations. Addressing these issues also is critical to maintaining a thriving institution. Jenzabar has both the products and services to help institutions leverage technology and manage the student lifecycle to create a vibrant and sticky institution.

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