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Job # 7637 WeRoc Anthem

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May 23, 2008 @ 18:00
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May 28, 2008
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English (North American)
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Think Dennis Leary. You need a chip on your shoulder. A deep, ballsy radio voice. No wimpy reads.

You need to rally the troops like Jane Fonda at a war protest. Amp it up. Your enthusiasm must get people excited. Gradually build it until your fully revved up by the end. This is a rally cry for an entire city. Its success depends on YOUR delivery!




Okay Rochester cynics, listen up. Yes, we have snow. Fluffy, ski on it, make snow angels with it, snow. Ya know what we don’t have? Earthquakes, tornadoes, brush fires…we’re 100% free of cataclysmic events. And I’m glad downtown isn’t a huge metropolis. When big acts like Springsteen come to town, I can actually score tickets. And how about those six thousand dollar a month big-city mortgages? Here, you can pay a fraction of that and own a showplace on Park Avenue! Bottom line, we’re one of America’s best-kept secrets. Rochester has hot dogs in two colors, three fortune five hundred companies and four beautiful seasons. We have art films at the Little. Indie radio stations. Kick (SFX: BLEEP) museums. And more festivals than you can shake a garbage plate at! We got to stop looking down on Rochester and start talking it up! Let’s band together and shout to the world that we love our city! That together WE ROC!

Ready to change Rochester’s rep? Go to weroc.org and download your Promise to ROC card. If our crew finds it on you, you’ll win cool free stuff. Talk it up Rochester. Together WE ROC!

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