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Job # 7713 ReQall IVR - British Accent

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May 22, 2008 @ 05:32
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Jun 2, 2008
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English (British)
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reQall (pronounced recall) is a voice-based application (an IVR). Users call reQall and record things they want to remember later. They also can call reQall and hear what they've recorded or what they've added via text on the web/IM/etc. See for more information on the product.

We are looking for someone to record the prompts for a new version of the application. The personality/voice of the application (i.e. How would users ”see” reQall if it were a person?) is:


The desired response of users is:

By using reQall I feel....
Confident/Smarter/better prepared for life
My memory has improved
Life is easier
I have a better grasp of facts & details that strengthen my relationships

An initial draft of the prompts is attached. The wording of the prompts will be modified before final recording. However, the count and length of the prompts will be close to this.

Please find a portion of the script below for audition purposes. Full script available in attachment.

I'm sorry, there's a problem with the re call system. Please try again later. Goodbye!.

Hi, it's reQall. I can't talk right now because my team is making me better. Please call me in a few minutes. Goodbye.

You don't have any reQall buddies to share this with yet. I'll put this on your list for now. You can still share it later. Go to reQall on the web and invite this friend to share with you. After they accept you can edit this item to share it.

Please contact customer service so that we can resolve the problem.
Customer service can be emailed at thats
support@ q t e c h i n c . c o m

There are three main things we can do. To create a new item, press 1 or say "add". If you want to share an item with a buddy, press 2 or say "share". To hear the items you've already added, press 3 or say "recall". At any time you can say "help".

You can either say the name of the contact person, or press the three digits of first name, using your phones number pad.

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