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Job # 7880 Voice for Educational Video on Sound Waves

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Jun 3, 2008 @ 12:05
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Jun 3, 2008
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1. Hello! Jasmine here.

2. We hear different sounds all the time.

3. Today, we’ll learn about sound waves. We’ll find out how they move, or transmit, through different substances and how the size and shape of objects affects the way we hear a sound.
4. Our class today will be in a music store. Come on!

5. Sound is a form of energy that we can hear. It is produced by vibrations.

6. When I blow into this flute the air inside the flute vibrates. These vibrations move outward in the form of sound waves. When the sound waves reach our ears, our brain interprets them as sound.

7. If we could see a sound wave transmit through the air, it would look something like this.

8. In the compression part of the wave, the particles of air are close. In the rarefaction part of the wave, the particles are more spread out.

9. Sound waves can also transmit through solids and liquids.

10. Sound transmits faster through liquids than through air. This is because the particles in a liquid are closer than they are in air.

11. The particles of a solid are closer than the particles in a liquid, so sound transmits fastest through solids.

12. Check this out! When sound transmits through one substance and reaches the boundary of another most of it bounces, or reflects to produce an echo.


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