We ROC - Commute - REPOST for females Job # 8197

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Job # 8197 We ROC - Commute - REPOST for females

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Jun 19, 2008 @ 17:30
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Jun 21, 2008
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English (North American)
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This is for a 60 second radio spot that will be used in a City of Rochester campaign.

You need lots of energy for this one. It's your job to get people excited about their city. I'd like you to sound lively, friendly, but include some attitude/personality.

Think as if you're talking to a friend who doesn't agree with you about the city you both live in. Don't sell me anything. Convince me.




Everywhere I go lately I hear someone complaining about something in Rochester. (Whiney voice) “I ran over a pothole, they’re always doing construction, my Camaro got dust on it.” Fine, so we have a couple of bumpy roads. Big deal. It still only takes us 20 minutes to get to work. It sure beats being stuck in big city traffic for two hours. Just think of how much time that gives you. More time to watch your kid’s soccer game. More time to work out, or casually walk your Schnauzer down the Erie Canal path. You know what Rochester is? Convenient! Ever wonder why Freetime magazine calls itself free time? Because that’s what Rochester gives you! Another reason to talk it up, Rochester.

Ready to change Rochester’s rep? Go to weroc.org and download your Promise to ROC card. The next time you’re at an event, show it to someone from our station, and you could win cool stuff. Talk it up, Rochester. Together WE ROC!

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