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Job # 8272 Voices for Educational Video

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Jun 25, 2008 @ 02:28
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Jun 30, 2008
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Note from Voices.com: Please note that client's selected budget range does not apply to project. Please review details below

We need female voice artists for our clients Educational Videos to record in English Neutral (Clear) accent as it is an international production and is not country specific. It is a long project as it covers syllabus topics in science, maths etc. We will need to record on almost daily basis as per the topics and scripts sent to the approved artists.

What we already have versus what the voice talent will provide:

We have script's ready for different subjects like Science (Physica, Chemistry & Biology), Mathematics etc.

Other requirements that the voice talent will need to know:

This is for a pitch to a company we are seeking investment from so the voice over needs to be confident, refined and experienced yet warm.

Specific expertise that I'm seeking:

We need to hire someone who can read well and is not intimidated by technical terms and industry jargon in the educational field.

Timeframe for delivery:

We need the voice recorded, edited, mastered and uploaded everyday on our ftp site.


We need a per page dubbing cost package including the studio, Voice, Uploading and correction commitment for a standard A4 size paper with 12 point font size. Kindly submit your demo in am mp3 format using the demo script attached herewith. The budget for this has to be under 10$ per page. The volume of work is estimated between 1500 to 3000 pages as informed to us by our clients.

Kindly submit a customized demo for the full script attached here with.

Please find a portion of the script below for audition purposes. Full script available in attachment.

1.CONTACT PROCESS’ for the Manufacture of Sulphuric Acid
In this session, we shall study the contact process for the manufacture of sulphuric acid.
There are 3 main stages involved in this process.
Stage - 1 Production of sulphur dioxide
This involves a sulphur burner, a cooler, a scrubbing tower, a drying tower and an arsenic purifier.
In the first stage, sulphide ore or molten sulphur is introduced into a sulphur burner. Dry air or oxygen is allowed to pass from the top of the tower. Here sulphur burns in dry air to produce sulphur dioxide gas.
This hot sulphur dioxide gas is then passed through the Cooler where it is cooled to about 100 degree Celsius.
This cold sulphur dioxide gas contains certain impurities like arsenic oxide, dust particles, moisture, oxygen etc. This impure sulphur dioxide gas is allowed to pass through the Scrubbing tower. This tower is packed with acid resistant quartz. The incoming gas is washed with a down flowing current of water. Here the dust and other heavy particles become moist and settle at the bottom of the tower. Thus the gas gets free from the dust particles. Now, the gas is allowed to pass through the Drying tower.
This tower is also packed with acid resistant quartz. Concentrated sulphuric acid is sprinkled from the top of the drying tower. Concentrated sulphuric acid possesses great affinity towards water and therefore, impurities such as moisture get removed from the gaseous mixture and thus dries the upward moving gas.
This dry gas now enters the Arsenic purifier. This tower consists of plates layered with Ferric hydroxide powder. The ferric hydroxide powder absorbs arsenic oxide from the gas mixture. Purified sulphur dioxide gas is obtained along with oxygen.
Thus, after stage 1, from molten sulphur, we get dry sulphur dioxide gas along with oxygen

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Nishith Mehta started Musica Productions in 1995 with an aim of providing a platform for artists to meet, interact, explore and further the world of creative expressions and ideologies.

Musica Productions produces music videos, short films, documentaries, music albums, multimedia CD.

Client's budget may be considered low by some. Please submit quote based on your own rates to help educate client and provide your explanation in your proposal. Client has been advised that they may receive quotes that are beyond their selected budget range.

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