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Job # 8354 Night of the Crabs by Guy N Smith

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Jun 29, 2008 @ 04:01
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Jul 4, 2008
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English (North American)
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I have acquired the rights to over 60 novels for audio distribution, so there will be regular work for the right professionals.

Budgets will increase on future projects, plus add-ons.

The voices will be enhanced with both a musical score and sound effects.

The voices need to be clear and articulate with the ability to differentiate between narration and character speech.

I need quality voices that can bring words alive. I have listened to too many professionals that sound like they are reading a shopping list. You must have the ability to read English towns as you are probably that a lot of place names in the UK are not as they are written.

Each project will aim to be a total of 3 hours as a finished project with some 2 hours.

I can supply the text in any format you require for Windows or formatted in actor-friendly script format. Just ask and it shall be done.

Attached is a sample...the complete first chapter and the first major attack sequence, for your perusal.

I will need the reading recorded and delivered within 14 days of the agreed start date.


The sunlight sparkled and shimmered on the deep blue of the incoming tide, the waves lapping gently at the harbour wall. Fishing-smacks bobbed lazily on the slight swell, and flocks of seagulls screeched noisily as they anticipated the titbits which would be thrown overboard as the latest catch was unloaded. Behind, the range of mountains where the deep green of summer and the purple heather was just coming into full bloom.
Ian Wright rested his elbows on the harbour railings and idly watched the outboard motor-boat, which served as a ferry between Fairbourne and Barmouth, chugging its way across the estuary, leaving a trail of foam in its wake. He was in his early twenties and his broad, handsome face was already tanned to a deep mahogany after less than a week of exposure to these Welsh coast sea-breezes.
'Penny for your thoughts!' the attractive red-haired, freckled-faced girl, dressed in jeans and sweater, nudged him in the ribs with her elbow. She was roughly the same age as himself, and her slim, perfectly proportioned figure had alrea-dy caused many a male holiday-maker to glance in her direction.
'Nothing much,' he smiled back at her. 'I was only thinking how nice it would be to spend another week here instead of going back to London on Saturday.'
'Well,' she wrinkled her nose, 'I must say I agree with you but I don't think your uncle Cliff would. He would be the first one to blow his top if we didn't turn up at the laboratory on Monday morning!'
'Dear old Uncle Cliff,' Ian laughed.
'Not so much of the "old",' Julie slipped an arm around his waist. 'He may be one of the country's leading botanists but he isn't forty yet. He's very much your mother's younger brother.'
'You're right,' Ian sighed. 'Cliff is almost like a brother to me. And he's hip, too, to quote a modern phrase. He didn't even raise an eyebrow when he discovered that we were going away together for a week. "Have a good dirty week", he said, as I left on Friday night. "I don't expect you'll be good, and be careful. I don't want Julie to have to pack up work just yet." You wouldn't find many uncles taking that attitude.'
'Well,' Julie winked, 'we have been careful, haven't we? Or at least, I hope you have!'
They both laughed, and then their attention was diverted by a train crossing the estuary over the viaduct a mile away.
'One more day,' Julie sighed, 'and you still haven't taken me to Shell Island. They say the bathing there is superb.'
'We'll go tomorrow,' Ian promised solemnly and began steer-ing his fiancée in the direction of Davy Jones's Locker, a cave-like café overlooking the harbour.

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