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Jun 30, 2008 @ 16:22
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Jul 1, 2008
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This is for part of a 15 minute local infomercial to play in southern Utah. I am looking for a nice voice that is not to over powering. thanks


Before you take your car into the dealership for trade-in, prep your car as if you were going on a trip. For example, check all of the fluids...make sure that they are filled to the proper levels. Also make sure your vehicle is running well and is properly tuned up. You should also make sure that your vehicles oil has been changed recently, including clean oil and air filters. Make sure that your tires have the correct air pressure...Have an idea as to how much your vehicle is worth and what it's value actually is, have the dealer print out a Manhiem Market Report, so that you can see what comparable vehichles have sold for recently. By following these easy to use, low cost guidelines, you will get the most for your trade!!!

In order to make sure that your car is getting the very best gas mileage possible, your should first make sure that it is well maintained. Keep the air filter clean at all times...Keep the fuel filter clean at all times...Make sure that you check the tires air pessure often, and make sure they are always inflated to the correct air pressure. Any one of these items that are ignored can result in less miles per gallon for your vehicle costing you more in fuel every time you fill up the tank!!! Now that your car is well maintained, these following steps can also help you to get the very best fuel economy... If your vehicle is going to be idleing for more than 30 seconds, turn off the engine, then restart the engine when ready to go. For example if you are in a drive through line at a bank or restuarant and you are at an idle for several minutes you can save fuel by turning off your engine...When driving in city traffic do not accelerate hard from traffic signals and stop signs, instead accelerate more slowly, this will help conserve fuel...Obeying all speed limits especially in highway travel, when going longer distances can really help reduce your fuel costs... the added few minutes you save by going faster will cost you at the pump, and by traveling slower it is safer and could keep you from having a costly accident or speeding ticket. Finally make sure that you take the time to shop around for the best prices on gas. And try to keep your gas tank full, don't let it get below half tank, gas evapoates easily, and the emptier your tank, the quicker it evapoates. Following these suggestions will help you get the very best fuel economy and can save you money at the pump!!!

When Wheeler Auto Sales says; WE ARE THE BANK!!! We are!!!! With Wheeler Auto Sales you don't have to worry about credit!!! In fact by paying your loan on time at Wheeler, it will help you to rebuild and reestablish good credit!!! Wheeler Auto Sales reports to the Credit Buorrough so that after you pay off your loan it will show up on your credit and can help you to improve your credit score!!! With the Wheeler Auto Sales in-house financing we make buying a car easy!!! Wheeler Auto Sales does not have to rely on outside lending sources to get you financed. This means that even if you have a bump in the road and have had a credit crunch or two along the way, Wheeler Auto can help you out!!! So if your credit has been an issue in the past at other car dealerships, let Wheeler take the worry away in your car buying experience with the Wheeler Auto Sales in-house financing. Even a repo or a bankrupcy is no problem at Wheeler, Just come on in and let Wheeler get you into a vehicle that is right for your budget, without the worries of bank financing or the rejection of being turned down due to credit problems...Because at Wheeler Auto Sales...WE ARE THE BANK!!!!

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KCSG Television, Southern Utah’s news choice, is owned and operated by Southwest Media LLC, and is an independent television station located in St. George, Utah. KCSG provides the only local television news to residents in St. George, Cedar City and surrounding areas, as well as the growing city of Mesquite, Nevada. KCSG is also broadcasting STATEWIDE via satellite.

Our mission is to provide high quality and timely local news, as well as information and entertainment to all viewers. As a result, KCSG stands as a positive and powerful marketing tool for local and statewide companies to effectively showcase and sell their products and services.

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