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Job # 860 Confidential

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May 30, 2006 @ 19:33
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Jun 30, 2006
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This client requested a deadline extension.

LTI Gray Matter is a leading developer of games for the PC, consoles, and the Internet. Founded in 1981 by veteran game programmer Michael Livesay, Gray Matter has created games for every major platform since the birth of the industry. LTI Gray Matter is a division of Livesay Technologies Incorporated (LTI). Specializing in game development, porting, and contract programming, LTI Gray Matter has been providing services to high profile clients such as Activision, Crystal Dynamics, Electronic Arts, and for over 20 years.

The total budget is $7,500 but we are hoping that some of the talent will be able to do multiple characters. The total line count is approximately 4,000, but they are mostly statements or very short 1 liners. An individual should be able to complete a character’s lines within 2-3 hours. The total run time for those lines combined for 1 character will be 2 -3 minutes or less.

(The Specialty Voices are in addition to the 7 male & 7 female voices listed.)

We need 7 Male & 7 Female voices that fall into the following categories -

Male Voices:
Character type - voice style

Young - current generation

Surfer Dude - Turtle in Nemo

Urban - 50 Cent

British Proper - Patrick Stewart/Ian McKellan

Middle Aged Blue collar - Dirty Harry/Eastwood

Hollywood Player - Agent like w/ high annoyance factor or possible swap for Al Gore type

Hispanic funny guy - Carlos Mencia

Female Voices:
Character type - voice style

Young - current genearation Paris Hilton

British - Judi Dench

Middle aged Southern Belle - Paula Dean (Food Network)

Hollywood Starlet - Marilyn Monroe

Strong attitude - Harley rider meets Nurse Ratchet

Elderly - June Foray (Granny from WB toons)

Geisha - light Japanese accent

Specialty Character Voices:
Character type - voice style

British comic - Michael Palin/John Cleese

Pirate - Geoffrey Rush

Asian Male - Ken Watanabe

Jack the Skeleton - Keeps doing monster impressions like Boris Karlof, Frankenstein, Dracula w/ occasional out of character comments in nerd voice

Sheila the Skeleton - Female (Slitherine Parsel mouth meets the Exorcist)

Male comic - Mike Meyers/Jim Carey who keeps doing famous hollywood lines in character i.e. Brando in The Godfather, Clark Gable's Rhet Butler in GWTW, Austin Powers.

Flamboyant New Yorker -Joan Rivers/Fran Drescher

Female - Little Audrey type/squeaky & precocious (voice turns harsh on loss)

Rosie the Female Android - Star Trek's Borg 7 of 9 but processed a bit

Clarice the Alien - Etherial/unisex (a seductive soprano with chorus & echo processing)

Sample Lines:

Of course you realize this means war!

Stick a fork in me, I’m done.

I think better with my sword

I am taking no prisoners

It looks like someone is crossing the creek

Way to work the deck, buddy

Play nice chuckles or don’t play at all

Victory is in the air

Clearly the Gods of Zendros have looked favorably upon you

With so many choices I find myself lacking conviction

Oh yea, I thought I was a goner for sure that time

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