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Aug 12, 2008 @ 15:46
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Aug 13, 2008
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Note from - Client has selected and paid for talent via the SurePay system. Thank you.

My company is creating an animated screen capture demo/tour of a registration and log-in process for our client's web site application.

I am looking for a female voice-over to read a two-page script (approx 900 words).

The tone we're looking for is instructional, conversational and "upbeat"


In this class you will be using CourseCompass, a course-specific website built specifically for this course. Your instructor may post announcements, the course syllabus, lecture notes, homework assignments, or exams. Once you register, you will have easy access to all your materials with just a few clicks!

To register for CourseCompass you will need:

- Your school’s zip code,
- A “Course ID” provided by your instructor,
- A CourseCompass student access code (packaged with your new text),
- and A valid email address

Now let’s get started! ...

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