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Dec 15, 2005 @ 18:30
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(The script below is almost fully complete, one paragraph remaining. Script is for interactive flash presentation for internet, to go on CD as well)


En-Pro: Enabling AED Programs GLOBALLY (global graphic animation)

Exclusive partner of the ZOLL Medical Corporation (popup ZOLL graphic)

One source�..one solution: En-Pro

En-Pro is the premier provider of AED program, offering a unified and streamlined solution.

En-Pro enables your enterprise to outsource the design, implementation and maintenance of your AED program. Our expertise and experience guarantee your program is compliant, efficient and effective from day one.


The design phase is one of the most important stages of your AED program.

During this phase, your enterprise will be provided a single point of contact, thus streamlining all communication needs regardless of location.

(Flash the word �Program Consultation,� �Policy and Procedures,� �Medical Authorization,� �AED Response Plan�)

En-Pro will provide program consultation to address the specific needs of your enterprise. PlusResponse ensures each facility is compliant by providing nationally recognized protocols.

(Flash the word �Timeline�)

En-Pro will establish a timeline for the complete implementation of your AED program.

(Flash the word �Virtual Assessments� and include the PlusSurvey logo)

We can assist your enterprise in placing their AED�s virtually or through onsite assessment upon your request.


Our streamlined process ensures that your ZOLL AED Plus units are ready for deployment when delivered. This process will also include the activation of your AED program with the local EMS and other appropriate agencies.

Your En-Pro Account Manager will contact each of your AED Site Coordinators to schedule training.

(Flash �PlusLearning� logo)

En-Pro, through PlusLearning provides global onsite training solutions.

(Flash the word �Global Training Solutions�)

PlusLearning is a nationally-recognized training center of the American Heart Association-incorporate into presentation)

Through PlusLearning, your enterprise receives quality consistent training both in the curriculum and professional education provided to your employees. (Flash images of nurses, physicians, and emergency medical personnel) Once trained, each employee will have the confidence to use the ZOLL AED Plus when called to action.

(Flash �Also available by PlusLearning-online training and certification�)

Ask about PlusLearning�s online training and certification.

(Flash �Implementation�complete�..program�.activated�) (Graphic of someone hitting the enter button on a computer signifying �Submit Now�)


(Flash the words �Ongoing Support�)

En-Pro will provide your enterprise with the tools and support needed to ensure your AED program remains compliant and is effectively positioned to �safe a life.� Your En-Pro Account Manager will be your ongoing source of communication. En-Pro will continuously monitor all legislative and regulatory requirements that may impact your AED program across the nation.

This includes real-time support via your En-Pro Account Manager, legislative and regulatory monitoring, and training support with guaranteed scheduling, post event review and filing, and PlusTrac.

PlusTrac Introduction

PlusTrac is an interactive web-based AED management program that ensures compliance and AED readiness. PlusTrac monitors and tracks all maintenance records, electrode pads/batteries, personnel certification management, and much more.

PlusTrac Interaction

PlusTrac offers multiple levels of support to ensure AED program compliance.
� Provides a system of checks and balances
� Ensures and enables easy oversight for Program Administrators
� Creates accountability to the AED Site Coordinators.

PlusTrac Management Features

PlusTrac is proactively driving the daily compliance of your AED program.
PlusTrac ensures that each AED is routinely maintained as required and creates a history. E-minders are provided five days prior to the scheduled maintenance date. In the unforeseen event an AED is not properly maintained, our escalating reporting system will be activated. An electronic notification will be sent out to the AED Site Coordinator, any group manager, and the Program Administrator.

Electrode Pad and Battery Tracking

PlusTrac monitors and tracks the expiration date of all electrode pads and batteries of your ZOLL AED Plus units. Through our electronic notification system, the AED Site Coordinator will receive an e-minder 90, 60, and 30 days prior to expiration. In the event an electrode pad or battery is not replaced and only 30 days are remaining prior to expiration, the escalating reporting system will be activated and an electronic notification will be sent to the AED Site Coordinator, any group manager, and the Program Administrator.

Responder Tracking

PlusTrac monitors and tracks all volunteer responders� certifications by expiration. It also stores all personnel information, enabling easy access to responders� certifications. Through our electronic notification system, the AED Site Coordinator will receive an e-minder 90, 60, and 30 days prior to expiration reminding them to schedule responder re-certification.

AED Check make easy!
PlusTrac makes it easy to track the required routine maintenance check of your ZOLL AED Plus. With just 3 simple clicks the AED maintenance check is complete.

Interactive Reporting Console (PlusTrac Exclusive)

Through our interactive reporting console, the Program Administrator can view the status of their entire AED program with one simple click. The interactive reporting console provides real-time reporting status instantly. The console reports on AED site inspections, equipment status, electrode pad status, battery status, responder certification status. Through our escalating reporting system, the console will reflect the status via our color coded system.

PlusTrac Summary

� Interactive Management
� Multiple levels of support
� With one click, Program Administrator views all
� Three clicks and AED check is complete
� E-minders for AED check, consumable replacement, and responder training
� Alert notifications when AED check is past due, consumables need replacement and volunteer responders need recertification
� Interactive Reporting Console � easy program viewability
� Online refresher course with management integration

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