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Job # 9088 The Collection - Horror Genre

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Aug 18, 2008 @ 16:54
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Aug 22, 2008
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Note from - Client has selected and paid for talent via the SurePay system. Thank you. I am looking for someone to perform The Collection Volume One a book of 15 short Horror stories by Bentley Little. There is approximately 60,000 words. The job pays $1,000.00 fixed and will need to be completed in three weeks. I need someone who can hold the listeners at the edge of their seat waiting for the thrilling conclusion. The beginning of each short story contains a short piece from the author explaining how or when he wrote it. I am attaching an expert from one of the stories for you to submit a demo. If your are hired to read Volume 1 and it is done professionally you may also be hired to read The Collection Volume Two.

Script available in attachment by clicking the Download link. You will need to download the script if creating a custom demo.

Please note you are not expected to read the entire script and that it is provided so that you know what the project entails and are able to quote accurately.

Sample from attached script

Religious fanatics have always seemed scary to me, and when I hear them espousing some wacky eschato¬logical theory or promoting their perverse interpreta¬tions of the Bible, I always wonder what their home lives are like. What kind of furniture do they have? What kind of food do they eat? How do they treat their neighbors and their pets? "The Sanctuary" is my version of what life would be like for a child growing up in such a household. The drapes were all closed, Cal noticed as he came home after school, and he knew even before walking up the porch steps that something terrible had happened. The drapes hadn't been closed in the daytime since . . . since Father had had to pay. He shifted the schoolbooks under his arms, licking his dry lips before opening the front door. Inside, the living room was dark, the heavy brown drapes effectively keeping out all but the most diffused light. He almost didn't see his mother curled up in a corner of the couch. "Mother?' he said nervously. She didn't answer, and he walked over to where she was sitting, placing his books on the coffee table. This close, he could see the wetness of tears on her cheeks. "Mother?' She leaped up and grabbed him by his shoulders, holding him close, pressing him against her bulk. He could smell on her housedress an unfamiliar odor he did not like. "Oh, Cal," she sobbed. "I didn't mean to do it! I didn't mean to!" Cal suddenly noticed that the house was silent. There were no noises coming from the back of the house, and he had a funny feeling in the pit of his stomach. "Where's Chrissie?" he asked. Her hands clutched tighter, hugging him. "I couldn't help myself," she wailed. Tears were rolling down her puffy cheeks. "I had to kill him." "Kill who?" Cal asked, fighting back his fear. "Who did you kill?' "I was walking home from the store, and I saw this man walking his dog, and The Rage came over me. I couldn't help myself."

About the Client

Client has posted previously. Client has paid talent using SurePay. Speaking-Volumes is an audio book publisher whose primary focus is Science Fiction, Action Adventure, Suspense Thriller and Chillers. We currently release two titles per month.

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