The Blind Prophet, Orbode the Insane and The Nomad Of Winter

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Job # 91311 The Blind Prophet, Orbode the Insane and The Nomad Of Winter

Posted Date
Nov 20, 2013 @ 16:02
Respond By
Nov 22, 2013
Word Count
200 - 300 per character
Believable, Deep
Age Range
Middle Aged

Job Description

We are looking for a SAG - AFTRA talent who can provide voice for Blind Prophet, Orbode, Winter Nomad
Look in the attached file for pictures.

Voice style for Blind Prophet: His voice is deep and elderly, but strong. Think Burgess Meredith.

Voice style for Orbode: Burly and ruthless. Germanic accent. He should sound angry and ready to strike down anyone at any time.

Voice style for Winter Nomad: Deep and weathered, like a tired man who refuses to give up.

Lore for Blind Prophet: The Blind Prophet is the leader of the Blind Disciples. Hundreds of years ago, he and the Disciples spread the word of Sol across Newerth. The Blind Prophet is very wise and sage. He has been summoned/reborn after spending hundreds of years in the afterlife with his god and Disciples, observing the folly of man, beast and daemon. The Blind Prophet has no mercy or patience for those who don’t follow Sol’s path.

Lore for Orbode: Orbode is the largest and most intimidating of the Blind Disciples, his face bound with
chains that tear at his flesh and blind his vision. He was driven mad by the murder of the
Prophet, swearing vengeance against the beasts and devoting himself to Sol as a hulking one-
man army. He is quick to anger, and led his tribe with great ferocity to hold off the horde of
beasts that threatened Caldavar in its earliest days.

Lore for Winter Nomad:
After travelling the vast desert landscape and finding no trace of the Sand Wraith that slaughtered his family, Nomad takes it upon himself to travel all of Newerth, searching for and destroying wraiths in whatever form they appear. Living in the cold, barren Frostfields, he dons warmer gear and wanders from one end of the wasteland to another, weathering the freezing cold.

We expect the voice over recordings to take only 30 minutes. An hour at maximum.

We have effects that we are able to add to the voice if needed, but we
are looking for a voice that can bring this character to life. Please
do not use effects on your voice.

A custom demo from the provided scripts is preferred for evaluation of
candidates. There is no need to read all of the lines, but we would
like to hear what you can do. Hiring will be dependent on being
impactful with your demo.

We will require you, the talent, to either have the equipment at home or find a studio and book with
them and yourself, pay the hourly rate should you be hired, this is not
necessary for demoing purposes.

We would like to direct you over Skype, if possible, inside the studio you book or through source connect. We do not cover the studio cost.

Specific expertise that I'm seeking:

The type of recording we are looking for is someone who will get into
character and not just read the lines--play off of movie/pop culture
references and show us some diversity in tone.

File Format:

The final format is a single mono .wav file of 44khz 16-bit.

Timeframe for delivery:

We'll need the voice-over recorded and delivered to us within 7 days
of acceptance.

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