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Job # 9136 Hypnosis audio - 10 scripts

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Aug 21, 2008 @ 02:28
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Aug 23, 2008
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This project involves 10 scripts that are hypnosis programs for stop smoking, weight loss, reduce stress, play better golf and study smarter, etc... Each script is approx. 20 minutes. I will need generic looping music bed underneath. The final files will be downloadable programs from the internet.

Budget range is undetermined.


No Stress/Total Relaxation

Allow yourself to become part of that wonderful relaxation...as it becomes part of
you...And it will be very interesting for you to discover for yourself that you...don't even
need to listen to me because what your conscious mind does now... is not at all
important.... maybe...your conscious mind just wants to curl up in a corner and go to
sleep for a while..... or go as far away as it likes .....the way you did as a kid in school
when you sat in the classroom and looked out the window and allowed your.... mind to
drift.... as far away from the classroom as it could get.... some place you'd rather be....
and you lost track of what was being said and it didn't matter because your subconcious
mind..... was picking up everything..... which was being said

as it is doing now ....and your subconscious mind.... is here with me .....and it can hear me
and respond in its own time..... in its own comfortable way

You can enjoy whatever it is your are experiencing...... and right now you can enjoy
whatever sensations.... heaviness or lightness..... warmth or coolness... and let them
become part of your relaxation and comfort.... You can...go as deeply as ....you need to at
the time.... for whatever it is your subconscious mind wants to do to help you ...enjoy this
experience.... and you might enjoy that experience of going so deeply into trance.... that it
seems to you that you are just...all mind without a body...a mind floating in space and
time completely free able to move whenever and wherever it wants to go...that's right...

and I wonder what your subconscious mind.... wants to explore... right now...what doors
it wants to open perhaps taking a look through the files in the corner of that marvelous
computer of the mind...searching through the files and examining things that ...stay the
way they are....things that need to be updated ...what needs to be erased ...what items to
be eliminated...and it is very comforting for you... to discover for yourself that you can
really....let go...of what you don't need and your subconscious mind can do this in its own
time... and in its own way.... and you can continue to rest even more comfortably just
knowing you can rely on your subconscious mind to do the things that need to be done

You can begin to explore... your capabilities that you never had suspected you had
...which have been there all the time... and find out for yourself a very deep sense of just
who and what you are.... and what you are...capable of ...doing all those things perhaps
you just weren't aware... of them before... but your subconscious mind can make them
available to you at the time you need them

that's right and you can continue drifting along very comfortably wherever you are in
time ...and space... just enjoying the restfulness of not.... having to do anything in
particular right now

and I wonder if you might begin to notice some change in the atmosphere around you
...perhaps becoming more luminous, more transparent spinning all around you in all
directions as far as you can see... and that atmosphere around you ....seems to be radiating
a calmness you can experience with every one ...of your senses...a calmness...moving all
around you and all over you softly..moving itself into every fiber of your being until you
get the feeling ...that's all there is...nothing else exists..for you except that calmness...
deep sense of peace...weightless suspension and you feel all the pressures dissipate....
nothing to think about and absolutely nothing to do except let yourself be...and on an
even deeper level, experience a sense of your own being...who you are...what you are
capable of ...becoming more aware of your own inner resources and now you can
anticipate the joy of discovering those resources and what you can do to make use of
them... to help yourself and other people as well

and now, for the next few minutes you can allow yourself to relax...even more deeply
...as your subconscious mind continues the important work it has started for you working
to reach an even deeper understanding and whenever your subconscious...mind is
finished...with what it needs to do at this time..it will find it's own way of letting you
know and in your own time at your own pace and only when your subconscious mind is
ready for you to do so ...you can begin to drift back quietly easily from wherever it is you
have been... reorienting yourself to ...this time...this place and become aware of feeling
very refreshed and alert...having accomplished something during this time..something
important to you...

I want you to concentrate on your breathing ... breathing in pure relaxation and exhaling
all the tension in the body ... feel all of the tension leaving the chest area as you exhale ...
feel yourself relaxing even deeper with each and every breath ... and your breathing is so
regular ... so easy and effortless and you are relaxing more and more ... and your entire
body is completely and totally relaxing as you drift even deeper down with each and
every breath ... and you feel a warm wonderful sense of relaxation and going even deeper
down ...

And you may have noticed that some areas of the body are more easy to relax ... and
concentrating on the areas of the body that you find to be the most comfortable, very
relaxed and concentrating on these areas now you are recognizing and realizing what
there is about those areas that makes you so comfortable and so very relaxed ... and
feeling all the sensations in those areas ... the most relaxed and comfortable parts of your
body ...

And allowing ... and feeling the comforting sensations of the most relaxed areas of the
body begin to spread ... and as this marvelous warm wonderful feeling of relaxation
spreads to other parts of the body the feeling of relaxation becomes stronger and the
relaxation spreads out beyond those areas ... and continuing to spread to all the parts of
the body you desire to relax deeper and even deeper ...

Picture and imagine the relaxation spreading like the rays of sun ... gently warming and
relaxing ... like the rings of water spreading from a pebble tossed into a gentle pond ...
and the relaxation spreading to every muscle, cell, fiber and bone in you body ... and you
are enjoying this tranquil and peaceful relaxation in every part of your body ... and with
every passing moment this feeling of deep, tranquil and comforting relaxation becomes
stronger and every cell, nerve and part of your body knows and enjoys this wonderful
sensation ... and this wonderful feeling now goes out beyond the physical confines on
your body ... spreading out beyond the skin to form a protective shield around you ... and
you can let this feeling spread far ... far ... beyond your physical body ... or keep it close
like a second skin ...

And since this protective bubble or shield is your own creation you can do with it what
you wish ... you can use this shield in any way you want to ... the uses of this shield are
limitless ... it can act as a filter, to filter out those feelings or things going on around you
... and filtering situations that are uncomfortable and allowing you to let in those feelings
you wish to let in and experience ... and it can act as an amplifier to help you understand
people and to help people understand you ...

. and you are using this protective shield any way you choose to use it ... and that is okay
... because this shield is your own creation ... and you are using this shield and enjoying
comfort in every part of your body ... practicing and using this shield ... and allowing it to
spread ... and allowing it to go beyond the confines of your physical body ... and you can
experiment with it ... making it as large as you like ... using it as a transport to another
place or time ... and the more you use it the stronger it becomes.

And realizing now that when I awaken you ... you can return to this place of peace,
tranquility and deep relaxation and use this shield any time you desire to do so ... and you
are using this shield and feeling the relaxation spread to all the parts of your body ...each
and every time you listen to this tape you will enter a state much deeper and more easily
than the time before...

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