The God Apollo, The Beast Basilisk and Virtue: Charity Midas Job # 94429

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Job # 94429 The God Apollo, The Beast Basilisk and Virtue: Charity Midas

Posted Date
Jan 6, 2014 @ 14:12
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Jan 8, 2014
Word Count
200 - 300 per character
Deep, Youthful
Age Range

Job Description

We are looking for a SAG - AFTRA talent who can provide a voice for Apollo, Basilisk and Charity Midas
(these fall under Atmospheric voices)

Voice style for The God Apollo: His voice is young and clear and very
cocky, much like Flynn Rider in “Tangled.”

Voice style for The Beast Basilisk: He has a guttural voice with a Nordic accent, indicating he is from ancient times.

Voice style for the Virtue: Charity Midas: Midas has a deep, firm, resonant voice
much like James Earl Jones.

Midas has tried for years to atone for his sin of Greed, and he has finally achieved it.
Charity is the purified version of Midas.
● Charity is Sol’s counter to Greed and is the embodiment of will, benevolence, generosity,
and sacrifice.
● Charity loves his allies and extends Sol’s blessings upon them.

● The Basilisk is a legendary reptile reputed to be the king of serpents.
● What three words best describe this character?
○ Venomous
○ Cruel
○ Regal
● The Basilisk, eternal enemy of the World Tree, was defeated ages ago by Draconis and
exiled into hibernation within an unbreakable egg made from the World Tree’s bark. The
Elder Evil gods have located the egg and used their fel magic to crack the prison, and the
Basilisk’s powerful venom did the rest. Now he is free once again to seek the roots of the
World Tree, poison and devour them, and bring about the end of the Legion’s hope.

● Apollo is the Greek god of light and the sun.
● Apollo has joined the Legion forces because they worship a rival god, Sol, and he seeks
to win their favor by helping them defeat the Hellbourne.
● He is quite full of himself and believes his presence on the battlefield will win the war for
the Legion.

We expect the voice over recordings to take only 30 minutes. An hour at maximum.

We have effects that we are able to add to the voice if needed, but we
are looking for a voice that can bring this character to life. Please
do not use effects on your voice.

A custom demo from the provided scripts is preferred for evaluation of
candidates. There is no need to read all of the lines, but we would
like to hear what you can do. Hiring will be dependent on being
impactful with your demo.

We will require you, the talent, to either have the equipment at home or find a studio and book with
them and yourself, pay the hourly rate should you be hired, this is not
necessary for demoing purposes.

We would like to direct you over Skype if possible, or inside the studio you book. We do not cover the studio cost.

Specific expertise that I'm seeking:

The type of recording we are looking for is someone who will get into
character and not just read the lines--play off of movie/pop culture
references and show us some diversity in tone.

File Format:

The final format is a single mono .wav file of 44khz 16-bit.

Timeframe for delivery:

We'll need the voice-over recorded and delivered to us within 1 day
of acceptance.

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