Chastity, Kindness and Veil

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Job # 94432 Chastity, Kindness and Veil

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Jan 6, 2014 @ 14:29
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Jan 8, 2014
Word Count
200 - 300 per character
Girl Next Door
Age Range

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We are looking for a SAG - AFTRA talent who can provide a voice for Chastity, Kindness and Veil
(these fall under Atmospheric voices)

Voice style for Chastity: Somewhere between angelic and sultry, said in a seductive way. Something like Britney Spears in her Toxic video:

Voice style for Kindness: Her voice should sound soft and sweet, something like a young Disney princess:

Voice style for the Veil: Her voice is somewhat husky with a slight
Japanese accent. She is very alluring and

Chastity is the reformed version of Succubus, who has given up her seductive and enchanting lifestyle for one more righteous and admirable. Although still naturally attractive, she uses this to her advantage to convert the heathens of Newerth to believe what she teaches. Her goal is to show that the power of Sol can change your attitude without changing your natural personality. Sex sells, even for good.

Kindness is a young woman decorated with eloquent clothing and almost angelic in appearance. She tosses cut flowers from her garden, which she can spontaneously grow with her empathetic feelings; she uses these to bind people together and force them to love each other. She sounds very caring, but can get passionate to the point of overlooking what people really want and sounding malicious, despite her benevolence.

● Veil is a member of The Shroud, a clan of elite ninja assassins, legendary in their ability to blend
among the shadows and kill without warning.
● Veil is sexy and very alluring. In addition to her abilities of deception, she uses her sex appeal to
lure her target into a deathtrap.
● What three terms best describe this character?
○ Deceptive
○ Devious
○ Ruthless
● Veil is the first member of The Shroud to lay eyes on the next assassination target. Her ability to
change her appearance and expertly mimic any man, beast or daemon allows her to slip deep
behind enemy lines and infiltrate even the most heavily defended areas. If she can get a clean kill
immediately she will not hesitate. If not, she uses her abilities to help the other members of The
Shroud surround the target, each of them closing in, lurking and waiting for the opportunity to strike.

We expect the voice over recordings to take only 30 minutes. An hour at maximum.

We have effects that we are able to add to the voice if needed, but we
are looking for a voice that can bring this character to life. Please
do not use effects on your voice.

A custom demo from the provided scripts is preferred for evaluation of
candidates. There is no need to read all of the lines, but we would
like to hear what you can do. Hiring will be dependent on being
impactful with your demo.

We will require you, the talent, to either have the equipment at home or find a studio and book with
them and yourself, pay the hourly rate should you be hired, this is not
necessary for demoing purposes.

We would like to direct you over Skype if possible, or inside the studio you book. We do not cover the studio cost.

Specific expertise that I'm seeking:

The type of recording we are looking for is someone who will get into
character and not just read the lines--play off of movie/pop culture
references and show us some diversity in tone.

File Format:

The final format is a single mono .wav file of 44khz 16-bit.

Timeframe for delivery:

We'll need the voice-over recorded and delivered to us within 1 day
of acceptance.

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