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Job # 968 Several Cartoon Characters

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Jan 12, 2006 @ 15:18
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Set up – This whole video and audio is a fast tempo. We want to be fast paced for time and humor BUT STILL GET THE MESSAGE ACROSS.

We see Ling's Chinese restaurant behind them and crowd wildly celebrating. Howard Cosign and Max Brightly are seated at a makeshift desk …the madness of the winning moment is happening behind them. Howard and Max are wearing oversized headsets and with prop microphones.

How: P O P Sports presents the Brightweight Championship of the World – The ChangaBrill Challenge, where the festivities continue following the upset victory by the challenger CHANGABRILL over the champion – NEON.

Ling peeks in from both lower corners of the shot and then runs through screen waving arms all excited about his pizza sales. Howard and max are watching him and smiling.

LING: “Chinese Pizza! Chinese Pizza! Chinese pizza!”

How: That was the jubilant manager of the winning restaurant… Ming Ling… who sold more Pizza than every other Chinese Restaurant in America… combined! I’ll turn now to color analyst Max Brightly.

Max: What we’ve seen here today is history Howard… nothing short of a miracle. Neon was a heavy favorite but from the opening bell, you could sense an upset in the making.

Below we see two places of business across the street from each other on opposite corners (with a thin road in between them). We see the pizza place on the left and Chinese on right corner. .we see stores as above and then go to respective windows and see the two men putting their signs up in their respective windows. Tony goes first.

How: Lets set the stage... Two merchants on opposite corners, competing for the same lunch and dinner crowd. (Here howard says following in fight ring announcer style “In this cornerrrr”) On one corner Ming Ling, manager of the Hong Kong Gardens restaurant. On the other corner, Tony Ravioli, manager of Tony’s Pizza.. Tony has a brand new neon sign. Ling has the new ChangaBrill - both signs read “pizza”.

Now back to the announcers and desk

Max: A clear disadvantage for ChangaBrill – Chinese restaurants are not recognized for their pizza making prowess.

How: Today the new signs went up and the ChangaBrill Challenge began. Today we found out, which sign brings in the most business and why. Lets go to ROUND ONE… a battle for brilliance!

SFX: BELL (Title: ROUND ONE: Brilliance)

Below we see a shot of the 3 stooges checking a light meter

Max: The light meters were calibrated by the accounting firm of Howard Fine & Howard.

and Curly looks up and says: Woo, woo, woo

During the next section we see the two stores on the two separate corners We see a nice glow coming when announce talks about neon and then a huge brightness when changabrill goes on.

Max: The playing field was level…

How: Level until someone flicked the switches! NEON registered an impressive reading! Then, they turned the on the ChangaBrill sign! Look at that light meter reading – incredible! Brighter than TWO SUNS!

Max: Well, certainly brighter than my two sons.

How: And the brighter the sign the more attention it gets and that means more sales. I believe I’ll be seeing the word “Pizza” in my dreams.

We now see Howard in his bed with bunny rabbit slippers and a long stocking hat with a tassel . we then see pizza in bright letters and then something funny he is dreaming about in his sleep.

Then Back to announcers and desk

How: Neon’s gunna have a real shiner over this round. ChangaBrill has taken round 1.

Now we go to Chinese restaurant where waitresses are serving large crowded dining room. They are at individual tables writing on order pads. The stay at the tables and turn to us and start singing:

Chinese Waitresses: ChangaBrill hits your eye / you just can’t help but buy / It’s much brighter / So bright is the light / That others seem like / They’re not on…
When that light hits their eye / they just cant help but buy / that’s a Changabrill / When your message it shines / right straight into their minds / That’s a Changabrill

Now to Chinese restaurant front counter where 4 Chinese counter guys put their arms over each other shoulders in classic arms over shoulders sway back and forth and break into song:

Chinese counter guys: Cash register rings / Ching a ling a ling / Look at Mr. Ling / Sell more pizza / Ling pops his head in and sings from screen corner and sings “Chinee pizza”

Tony’s Pizza despondent men across the street standing around the pizza shop, hands in pockets sing:

Tony’s Pizza Men: Cross the street / we got beat / Now we guess well go eat / Chinese Pizza / Ling pops his head in from screen corner and sings again “Chinee pizza”

Now back to desk

Max: Round 2 is a test of flexibility. Retailers need to be able to advertise Special messages for special occasions, and promotions.

SFX: BELL (Title: ROUND TWO: Message Flexibility)

Below We go to the front of Tony’s Pizza store where in the window we see whole storefront window and neon pizza sign

How: Lets go to the action from the neon corner … the sign says ‘Pizza’…. The sign says - ‘Pizza’….

Now we see referee looking at sign with clipboard sleeping

Referee: zzzzzzzzzzz

How: The sign continues to say “pizza”

We now see crowd sleeping

Crowd: “zzzzzzzzzzzz”

Back to neon in pizza window

How: it appears as if the neon sign is going to say Pizza ad nausium
Below we go to the changabrill in the Chinese restaurant window and gets changed to say items below

How: Meanwhile over in the ChangaBrill corner the sign says… … ‘pizza’. But wait…it’s getting changed… now it says… egg rolls! Hold on… now .. hamburgers… now WIN A NEW CAR!

Back to desk , Howard, and max

Max: To add insult to injury for NEON, (chuckle) for as little as $25 bucks (chuckle) a ChangaBrill sign message can turn it into ANOTHER message that’s 60 times brighter than neon and so on and so on…

Below we see newspaper headlines of previous fights of Changabrill knocking out other signs

How: And because of this ChangaBrill has knocked out challengers like banners and even paper, in match after match before this fight. Let's interview one of the Chinese restaurants new customers Mr. Huber Goober.

Below we see Howard interviewing goober in front of Chinese restaurant.

How: Mr. Goober, what compelled you to stop for pizza at a Chinese restaurant?

Goober: Well, I was actually shopping for an oil filter when I saw that light, all of a sudden I was hungry for a pizza, then an egg roll, then a burger and it looks like I might win me a car.

How: A fascinating story… For round 2 ChangaBrill humiliates neon.

Now again we go into the restaurant where waitresses again turn to us and start singing:

Chinese Waitresses: It sells ice cream, French fries / Onion rings, apple pies / Slide the sign in That’s a Changabrill / When you want to / you can sell something new / It’s a breeze That’s a Changabrill

Now again to Chinese front counter guys. They now jump up onto the counter and again arms across shoulders begin singing:

Chinese Counter Men: Cash register rings / Ching a ling a ling / Look at Mr. Ling / Sell more pizza /

Ling pops his head in and sings “Chinese pizza”.

Now to Goober in his old delapitated truck with his family in the bed in old ragged chairs.

Goober: Needed parts for my truck / But then that light done struck / I got hungry / Family in back sing - He got hungry / goober - For pizza, egga rolls, a burger, picked my nose / want Chinese pizza /

Ling pops his head in and sings again “Chinese pizza”

Back to desk

How: Round 3 is the big one, sales, the real bottom line for any signage. And where neon, because of its bright light and vibrant colors has always sold more product than any other signage.

Sales SFX: BELL (Title: Sales Performance)

Below We start at the front of the pizza store and then go inside

How: In the NEON corner, after taking hit after hit, things were going from bad to worse. Almost total desolation in the Pizza store.

We now are inside and see a tumble weed going through the deserted store and hear sound of wind blowing and see one customer at the counter.

Customer at counter says: “I’ma gonna getta summa dat Chinese Pizza!”

Below we see changabrill corner store outside people streaming in and then crowd inside

How: now look at that ChangaBrill corner. What a difference a brighter more vibrant sign can make.

Sound of Crowd cheering in packed store

How: And look at those sales charts:

See charts, one after the other showing increases just like sales CD. And during this we hear sound first then Howard and Max say something

(for first chart - sound of big punch hitting someone)

How : “ooh that’s gotta hurt”

(for 2nd chart - Homer Simpson “doah, doah, doah”)
Max: “That’s gunna leave a mark”

(for 3rd chart - “ohooga” horn)
How: “ mammasita! ” ChangaBrill takes round 3!

Now goes to restaurant to waitresses again singing:
Our sales hit the sky /

now to Tony’s men at the Italian restaurant and sing: We had no one come by / we got hammered /

now again see Ling's waitresses who sing : They got hammered / into the register money fly’s /

now see Ling at register counting money and a little falling out of his pockets and sings
I got cash, not fungi /

now back to waitresses Lings waitresses: who sing : That’s my sign We used ChangaBrill

Now to Chinese counter guys still on counter and this time they take out vaudeville hats and wave hats behind them and arms out front in classic vaudeville style and sing:
Cash register rings / Ching a ling a ling / Look at Mr. Ling / Sell more pizza /
Ling pops his head in and sings again “Chinese pizza”

Tony’s despondent men now shown on an unemployment line sing:
Cross the street / we got beat / Now we guess well go eat / Chinese Pizza /

Ling pops his head in and sings again “Chinese pizza”)

Now back to how and max and desk

Max. A brand should never compromise its standards because of the limitations of a lighted sign or due to neon’s gaseous nature.

SFX: BELL (Title: ROUND 4: Brand Compliance)

Here we see judge looking down at one of Tony’s other signs in neon and comparing it to his menu logo then as judge talks he holds his nose as if to say “this stinks”

How: With Neon…

Judge: This stinks, it’s not even close…

How: Over on the ChangaBrill side the comparison is uncanny in its proximity.

Here we see judge looking down at one of lings other signs in changabrill and comparing it to his menu logo then as judge talks he pins a big oversized medal on Ling

Judge: This is perfect…

Crowd: Cheering…

Max: In a word, ChangaBrill nailed it.

How: That’s two words.

Max: It’s hyphenated.

Now goes to restaurant waitresses singing:
When the colors are wrong / There as bad as this song / you used Neon / ChangaBrill does comply from the brand to the eye to standards ChangaBrill complies / just use Changabrill Every time

Now to Chinese counter guys still standing on counter arms around shoulders and this time do classic Rockettes kicking line and sing:
Cash register rings / Ching a ling a ling / Look at Mr. Ling / Sell more pizza /

Ling pops his head in and sings again “Chinese pizza”

Now Tony’s men are on the unemployment line all hands in pockets and all sing:
Cross the street / We got beat / Now we guess well go eat / Chinese Pizza /

Ling pops his head in and sings again “Chinese pizza”


Below we see an angle shot of Tony's back with his hands waving wildly in air while talking to his worker who broke sign.

How: Then this came in. A worker at Tony’s Pizza bumped the neon sign with a broomstick and neon went down! Neon went down !

Worker : “Hey boss, I’ma sorry… I justa keepa hitting da signs witta da broomstick…”

Now back to desk

How: With 5-15% of neon broken in shipping or installation and less than ½ of 1% of ChangaBrill signs broken, - it appears the durability round was won before the round even began !

Now goes to restaurant where waitresses again turn to us and start singing:
Ling Waitresses:
What rhymes with magpie / There’s housefly and pinkeye / now see pizza guys still on line and sing : What’s-a-matter U? / now see lings Waitresses who sing : This has nothing to do / with the story, that’s true /

see pizza men again who sing : What’s-a-matter U?

Now again to Chinese counter with 4 counter guys:
Cash register rings / Ching a ling a ling / Look at Mr. Ling / Sell more pizza /

Ling pops his head in and sings again “Chinee pizza”

Tony’s men, still with neon men (and cactus):
Cross the street / we got beat / Now we guess well go eat / Chinese Pizza /

Ling pops his head in and sings again “Chinee pizza”

Now see Max, How, and desk with the crowd behind them even bigger and cheering and then shots of people like in a big football game with signs that say Changabrill , Chinese pizza, Goober for President, etc., some doing the wave, some with colorful game face make up on, line of 11 have Changabrill lettered on their stomachs (each has one letter)

How: With the match now officially over the management of the ChangaBrill store celebrated. Let's speak with our special guests, first, Tony’s Pizza manager Tony Ravioli.

Now we see Howard speaking to Tony

Tony: “I’d hardly call this a fair fight… look at that sign … the only thing I can say is… I WANT ONE!”

now Howard interviewing Ling

How: Now Ming Ling. What do you have to say after this historic event Ling?

Ling: I am overcome with emotion and find it hard to speak… my lips are out of control… I want to thank all my employees…and especially the people back at headquarters for deciding on ChangaBrill, you’re the greatest

(cheering, crying.)

How : The folks back at HQ deserve a lot of credit. Neon, fluorescent, printed… they had a lot of choices but in the end they recognized a champ… took a lot of guts…And now they reap the rewards for their intestinal fortitude – the credit for more sales. The champ is ChangaBrill and clearly the sign you want on your corner.

Now goes to Chinese restaurant everyone signing (including Tony’s men and neon men still with cactus:
Lets all go drink Mai Tai’s / and shout words like Bonzai / (now shouting) we love Changabrill / (now singing) If you come to Shanghi / you can meet my rabbi / (now shouting) we love Changabrill

Cash register rings / Ching a ling a ling / Look at Mr. Ling / Sell more pizza / close up of Ling with money in all his pockets and falling all around him, treasure chests near him etc and sings again “Chinese pizza”
Ching a ling a ling / Look at Mr. Ling / Sell more pizza /

see Ling again and sings again “Chinese pizza”

Continue to hear music from above and pan out and fade away from music and then audio goes into

Announcer: up to 60 times brighter than neon… change messages for as little as 25 bucks… Adheres to brand standards… withstands broomsticks and - most importantly delivering increases in sales. ChangaBrill creates heroes from the store to Corporate where the decisions are made.

Announcer: Take the ChangaBrill Challenge. Pick the place…pick the sign… Dollar for dollar… it’s no contest. Sign up at or call us at 888-307-8282. ( during last section above have logo, phone, etc come up just like end of sales CD)

Closing screen as if ending then scroll words and fast talking disclaimer type audio ending:

No neon signs were broken during this taping - they’re way too expensive to fix, etc, etc, etc

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