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Job # 9869 Internet Website Presentation

Posted Date
Sep 29, 2008 @ 18:38
Respond By
Sep 30, 2008
Word Count
English (North American)
Age Range
Internet Video

Job Description

Looking for an enthusiastic male voice for a website presentation.

The presentation is 6300 words long, the theme is work at home. Voice cannot sound too professional must sound like a common guy that just made a website and is reading some text enthusiastically for the people who visit.

Actually it needs to sound a bit amateurish.

Note from Since client has not provided audition script please submit a generic demo for client to review

About the Client

Has posted previously.
Has paid talent using SurePay Escrow service.

Client has been advised that they may receive quotes that are beyond their selected budget range, that talent are freelance and negotiate own rates based on level of experience and studio set up.

Please submit quote based on your own rates if higher and provide your explanation in your proposal.

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