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Voices is Your Source for Internet Video Voice Over Jobs

Internet advertising voice over jobs deliver fast-paced, exciting voice over work that spans a wide range of businesses. Imagine being the voice announcing an internet ad for a sporting event one minute, and helping a nonprofit with a critical fundraising campaign voice over the next!

With internet advertising voice over work, the sky’s the limit. You can start responding to internet advertising and video voice over jobs today when you sign up for Voices.

What is Internet Video Voice Acting?

Internet video voice over jobs cover a wide span of voice acting work. There is a ton of content to be created in the form of internet ads and media made specifically for the online world. Many voice actors for internet ads work on eLearning projects or explainer videos. Either way, the goal of an internet video voice actor is to provide audio content to coincide with the video on hand.

Because the voice over contains most of the information that needs to be conveyed in an internet ad, it’s critical that the individual providing their voice is clear, engaging, and deliberate. While you don’t need to have the voice of a character like animation actors, you do need to be compelling.

Every voice actor will have a voice that sounds different from the next, but overall, voice talent must have a professional tone that’s pleasing to the ear. You must also be able to read text clearly and without stumbling over your words. In general, you’ll know if your voice is the right fit for a project based on its description.

Some internet video voice actors even take voice over acting lessons in order to perfect their voice over tone. In these lessons, you can learn critical skills such as enunciation, tone, and voice inflections. Working with a voice over coach is a valuable endeavor.

The ability to convey specific emotions through your voice is also an important skill to have. Voice actors must be able to meet the demands of a director and deliver a clear message.

Who Do Internet Video Voice Actors Work for?

As an internet video voice over actor, you are automatically open to a pretty wide range of industries and businesses. The main purpose of these voice actors is internet advertising, which is used by industries from the medical field to household products and everywhere in between.

Companies who create eLearning content often hire voice talent as an easy way to teach courses online. In today’s interconnected world, eLearning is not just limited to educational institutions. Many companies and businesses offer educational content for their employees—and these videos require voice actors.

In addition, explainer videos are being used more and more by companies in digital marketing. These are videos used across several industries, and each brand will have different voice requirements.

For example, a brand encouraging its viewers to talk to their doctor about a certain issue may need a calm, soothing voice, while a brand explaining the benefits of working out might require a more friendly, exciting tone.

Why Work with Voices?

Voices was created to intelligently match creative teams with creative freelancers. We help pair clients with talent who can provide voice over work, music, audio production, and translation services.

Whatever your goal is, we can help. Whether you’re looking for large, full-time projects or small, spread-out gigs, we’ve got you covered. With Voices, you gain access to a global network of creative teams looking for their next star.

Diversify your income and step into a new and exciting career with Voices by signing up for an account today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Internet video voice over work spans almost every industry. From car commercials to consumer goods to nonprofits, there are plenty of internet video jobs out there. 

An internet ad that runs for one year can range from $1,000 to $1,249, while one that runs in perpetuity can range from $1,500 to $1,749.