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After Work Program   ·   Chicago, Illinois, US

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Victor Gulley

Victor Gulley

    After Work Program   ·  Chicago, Illinois, US

About Us

The After Work Theatre Company was founded in October 2008, as a vehicle for people who have a 9 - 5 job to explore their creative side.

This is the venue that people with various creative talents can express it and maintain their work and family life. We offer a variety of teams where you can join. The teams are as follows: 1) Writers Team. Writers will work in the writing team to help create the plays. 2) Music team. Musicians create original songs for the shows. 3) Costume & Props. Costume or set designers put together the stage. 4) Acting team. Seasoned and beginning Actors bring the story to life. 5) Media Team. Film and photography people document and shoot films for the productions. 6) Dance Choreography Team. This team creates the dances that will be performed in the shows. 7) Marketing Team. The copywriters and marketers let the world know about our projects and how they can purchase a ticket. There is no fee to join or participate in the production.

The following list of productions represents past or planned productions of the After Work Program, Inc.

•Games People Play Stage Play 2009
•Love on the Ladies Poetry Jam 2010
•Do Your Thang Open Mic Improv Monthly Show March 2010 – Dec 2011
•Supernatural A Love that Lasts until the end of time 2010
•Supernatural An Eternal Love 2011
•The Inner Connection 2012
•The Long Goodbye 2013

Our first production Games People Play was presented to a very diverse audience and also gave a portion of the proceeds to Non for Profit Charities in the same communities our participants are from. These charities are Tasha Joyner Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation, Supported Employment for Youth with Learning Disabilities (SEYLD), Kappa Alpha Psi Young Men’s Mentoring Program and South Shore Drill Team. Our production was very well received as we sold out our first production one evening.

Our After Work Productions have been featured on 102.3 Darrly King and The Bling Bling’s Morning show in 2009, 2010 and 2011. We were also one of the first Plays mentioned on the Tom Joyner Morning Show’s Community Calendar in 2009 and again in 2010. We have had articles in N’dingo and the reader magazine for Games People Play. We featured our business on 106.3 at its inception in 2009 to give their listening audience a chance to audition for the production Games People Play.

The music from this play has been featured on Rock The Flow in Washington DC, India, South Africa, and various radio stations around the world. Musicians who have played with Prince were featured on the soundtrack such as Matt (Doctor) Fink, Rhonda Smith and Tony Christian. Mike Manson is one of the Jazz greats in this time frame as he has worked with Kirk Whalum, Dave Coz, Jonathan Butler and others. He produced a smooth Jazz song for us. We have featured local poets, Madeline Morgan, Lady G and Tiffiany Davidson in our shows. We have also given local musicians the opportunity to work on the soundtrack.

Our second production Supernatural played to an audience of over 400 at a local church. This production gave rise to 7 people who have never acted or had any type of theater production experience. We have also taken the shows on the road and performed in Minneapolis . We have begun our next two productions an audio book from an up and coming writer and our next play The Long Goodbye. Both of these productions will occur in 2012/2013 season.

Lastly every year we produce a festival called A Taste Of Theatre. This festival gives playwrights an opportunity to showcase one scene of their play for the audience to vote on.

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    / 5 Jesse Cole for Job #69142 A Long Goodbye It was great getting to work with Victor! It was a great script, and gave clear instructions! Hope to do it again soon!!
    Jan 7, 2013