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Microphone Technique: A Secret Weapon

How's your mic technique? Frank Piazza of APVoices shares Information about the different ways you can benefit from microphone technique. Performance examples...

Auditioning Dos and Don’ts: Knowing What You Can Control

With so many different factors at play, it's crucial that voice artists focus on what they can control in order to make...

Tips For Auditioning From Your Home Studio

Has auditioning from a home studio saved your voice-over career? Voice artist Lisa Brandt shares tips that will help you to send...

3 Quick Post-Production Tips To Get Better Sound

Are your audition MP3s rich and robust? Tom Knight shares that taking a little extra time tweaking your audio before submitting your...

The Pros and Cons of Having Your Own Studio Setup

Join Voice Over Expert Doriane Elliott in her podcast, "The Pros and Cons of Having Your Own Studio Setup." It's more complicated...

Working From Home and Striking a Work / Life Balance

Join professional voice over talent Alison Pitman as she lectures about "Working from Home and Striking a Work / Life Balance". Alison...

Auditioning In Your Home Recording Studio

Join Voice Over Expert Marc Cashman as he coaches you on "Auditioning in Your Home Recording Studio" to set the stage for success. Learn how to create a perfect audition from home by following directions, being professional and paying attention to detail.

How To Build a Cost-Effective Home Recording Studio

Join voice over expert Debbie Munro as she consults you on how to build a cost-effective home recording studio. Short on space? No problem! Learn how you can convert home offices, even a nook and cranny of a bedroom closet, into a professional-grade home recording studio.

Basics of Building a Voice Over Recording Studio

Join Voice Over Expert Dan Lenard as he talks about the "Basics of Building a Voice Over Recording Studio." Learn how to professionally and economically build your own home recording studio with Master VO straight from his voice over dojo.


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