Auditioning as if You’ve Already Booked the Job


    Regardless of where or how you’re auditioning, performance is what it’s all about. David Kaplan, one of the top producers on, encourages you to adopt the following mindset: Think of each audition as if you have already booked the job. When you take auditioning seriously and treat each one as though you’d already booked it, success can also be yours.

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    David Kaplan headshotDavid Kaplan is a voice actor who “works the Internet like nobody’s business as a tool to grow” his career. His Voice On The Run brand appropriately describes his talent and the technology he has developed to serve clients like Dominos Pizza, Deep Impact Boats, and Samson “from any place, any time.”
    As he describes it:
    “I started recording myself and playing around with audio at age 7 with a Webcor cassette recorder given to me by my dad. I was hooked from the start, but lost my way as I studied broadcasting at Long Island (NY) University and became a technical director for Sports Channel.
    “The long and short of it is that I was always being asked to do voice work in a pinch, but I never took it seriously until a few years ago when a fire began to burn in my belly that told me this is all I ever really wanted to do.”


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    Welcome to Voice Over Experts, brought to you by the number one voice over marketplace. Voice Over Experts brings you tips, pearls of wisdom, and techniques from top instructors, authors and performers in the field of voice over. Join us each week to discover tricks of the trade that will help you to develop your craft and prosper as a career voice over talent. It’s never been easier to learn, perform and succeed from the privacy of your own home, and at your own pace. This is truly an education you won’t find anywhere else. Now for our special guest.
    David Caplan: Hi, this is David Caplan and first off I want to thank you for taking some time to listen to this podcast. As you may or may not know I’m one of the top producers on pay to play sites today. No simple feat but the good news is there’s lots of work out there. And by following a few steps that myself, Jay Michael Collins and Brad Ziffer are going to outline for you, you can also enjoy the success and rewards that we are.
    Let me talk to you a little today about performance and what it’s all about. This is not just something that goes for pay to play sites but generally speaking when it comes to your performance and how you portray everything that you do in an audition. It’s important that what you put into an audition would be the same thing that you would put into a finished job so the mindset needs to be for every audition, think of it as if you have already booked that job. You want to put your best foot forward. Most people who are seeking a voice need to hear what it’s going to be like as a finished product.
    Time and time again I hear people go “Well, it’s just an audition.” Well, okay, but when people ask me what I do for a living, the answer is “I audition for a living.” What that means is the energy that I put forth in every audition would be as if the job has already been won. It makes a huge difference with how you deliver a piece of copy because you also want to make sure you’re delivering copy in an environment as close to what your finished product will be. Of course it’s ideal to do it in your studio, most people are running around today, things have gotten smaller, lighter and more portable so of course the opportunity to put forth an audition in a less than perfect environment also does exist. And I’m guilty of this as well because I, for those of you who know me I’ll audition for things anyplace, anytime, anywhere. As long as you have a note and if you’re lucky enough your voice seeker will read your note stating that this audition was done outside my studio and explain to them that this is not representative of what the final audio will sound like.
    There’s no way of knowing if the voice seeker that you’re sending your audition to has the foresight to understand that okay I know I’m going to get something that’s recorded professionally if I select this individual. Some do, some don’t, it’s a real crapshoot and that’s why it’s so important to put your best foot forward in terms of performance with everything that you do.
    Now performance is not just what you say but everything else that goes into it as well. It’s that attitude, it’s the environment that you record within, it’s anything that’s going to have an impact upon that voice seeker and the list is lengthy. Think of it this way, if you were searching for a voice – and this is a great exercise – if you were searching for a voice, what would you expect to hear. If you would expect shoddy sound quality, recorded in the subway – which by the way I’ve done – then, okay, great, go for it.
    But the reality is because so many people are producing things on shoestring budgets at home on their own computers they want to hear that representation right away of what they’re going to get in a finished product. So look at all the elements when you put your auditions together, treat them like they’re your own jobs and success can also be yours.
    Now what’s so great is that Jay Michael Collins, Brad Ziffer and myself have put together a webinar that will give you the secrets to where our success has come from. If I knew these secrets before I started in voice over I would be even further ahead of where I am today. I still wouldn’t have a full head of hair but that’s neither here nor there. Jay Michael Collins, Brad Ziffer and myself will very often team up to do a webinar to teach you the secrets that will help you succeed on pay to plays. Go on over to the Edge Studio website and see if we have anything scheduled and if we do, I encourage you to sign up now. Thanks for listening. I’m David Caplan, see you guys soon.
    Announcer: Thank you for joining us. To learn more about the special guest featured in this podcast, visit the Voice Over Experts show notes at Remember to stay subscribed. If you’re a first time listener you can subscribe for free to this podcast in the Apple iTunes podcast directory or by visiting To start your voice over career online go to and register for voice talent membership today. This has been a production.

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    1. Thanks for this.
      I always audition as if I have the job.
      And if a client contacts me personally, I bid as if I already have the job … by that I don’t mean the amount I bid (although that’s true, too) I mean in my correspondence. Saying stuff like, “I’m really looking forward to working with you.” or “This job is going to be fun!” (If that’s true) Stuff like that… very personal and confident. It works for me.
      A recent client (who didn’t remember me because I actually worked through an ad agency in the past) responded personally when I told her I’ve loved doing their eLearning for the past several years and am excited about this new project. She wrote back that with their new system of hiring directly it would need to go through the board of directors, but she really liked my work. So she’ll remember me.


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