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Youtube channel voiceover my sample sound recording.

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In this sound recording, I have a voiceover for the famous youtube channel. If you want similar works, you can contact me.

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you sit down at the table for text you needed to do, and as soon as you sat down her fingers, you had to start to become your mind. You suddenly had a position to do things you normally they were like at the moment. Or you started to be interested in things that had nothing to do with how such as calling France you never thought of looking for are searching for very strange topic on the computer. Hughes said to yourself that I have things to do, and at the moment L. A comes out tomorrow, I can do it. We call it procrastination. This is procrastination. Behaviour can happen to almost anyone. Many people want to postpone their current don't pursue. This is a problem with your own personally. And don't say that you are such a person because this is a practise nation is a completely emotional management problem. At the moment, we take charge of a test that we should not able to do. We can feel what if I put forth adopted is a bad job. And, as previously stated, you can think of topics are related to Europe work at the time, exactly this mood causes us to practise Nate on the basis of these foods, we find some negative emotion, such as self doubts, insecurity and anxiety. But we also find our relationship between the work we need to do and these negative emotions. So we try to procrastinate. Yes, if there really is a task we need to do, we have very little relevant. We have very irrelevant falls in our mind at that moment, which is a reward that our brain offers. And the only way to reach that reward is to post from the world. And the only way to reach that revolt is to pass on the work. But we have to offer it a much better. It will tend to reward that our brain gives the success he was, but how can we manage it? One of the emperor Reason for Progress native, is the idea that you have to be motivated to do a job. If you are not motivated, you look at it is if you do not have to do it. Time passes quickly, but research is the opposite. If you take a step without being motivated, the motivation comes after. Therefore, when you start a job. You don't need motivation. What we call motivation is actually not that we issue with success. Once you are focused on developing Asia and then start to get a result, you can't issue success. And once you issue success, motivation comes out in a much more permanent way. All in all, you do not have to be motivated to start. But you must start for motivation. There are some techniques that we can use to get rid of the disease or procrastination to prioritise the test we need to do what is the significance of prioritisation. So now I'm sitting at the table and I have a lot of things in my head. Whether I do them debt them or not, we are not trying to do them at once. Your brain cannot manage to task at the same time and consequently we get our hands and we feel we cannot manage it. We get so our hands and we feel we cannot manage it. Which leads us to not complain any of the works. That is why we must make a list of the task that we need to do in consequence from the most important to list importance. This approach is going to be easier and more effective. We always have things that need to be done that are a little more complicated or diary, which annoys us, and we attempt to put off with these things only last. But this is a very wrong idea because you have a job to do and you feel the stress of that job all the time, which lowers your motivation can cause you do nothing. But actually, the thing you should do is do the work that needs to be done. You should do the hardest job on Monday or the first thing of today. I want you to do the image in the comfort and confident that you will feel when you do the most context work so that you can be served, that you will handle your other tasks in a much easier and more motivating way. As previously stated, tomorrow's no act like a never ending witches circle. The best way to get out of this situation is to start limited. They were out waitin after doing the techniques I mentioned before. You should eliminate the post for months like I will start on Monday. I will start on Tuesday. I will start on the first of the mall and the get right of everything that describes your attention and start the work you need to do suddenly. Even if it is for a limited time. You don't need to work for hours to start. You can start with off our 20 minutes. But no matter where you are, you should start immediately. If you start immediately, a miracle will emerge. A possible miracle. This committee start behaviour will change you a lot. You will not possible it for the rest of your life anymore. You will have a quiet. This habit is a result of debt. Need to be done in your mind is a responsibility. Do not possible yourself in some way or you may not do it. Work gladly. But you have to say yourself. I have to force myself. I must to do it immediately. If you make this habit, procrastination will disappear for your life and you will have realised your true potential. I want to talk about a high reality. In this case, what you will reveal about procrastination, behaviour or other issues is purely a matter of preference. If I told you about some short techniques, you can use story where some. You can wipe off procrastination from your life and put forward a job and success. But if you say I can't do these things, you make a separate Joyce right? From this moment on, if you hide behind extras such as I can do these things, I don't have energy. I don't have time in preparation. I need a plan and I need the right time. It comes out of being uncomfortable and comes to a point of preference. And you prefer to fail by not doing these things. So I such as you evaluate your thinking when it comes to procrastination, People can tell themselves very incredibly creative lives or make very nice extras. I hope you will get right off the extras. Thank you for listening to me.