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I am a storyteller. Stories need a voice that can convey a message that allows the listener a true feeling of what is being told.

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organizations are navigating a complex, uncertain and consistently changing landscape regulations and frameworks are evolving as the world faces new challenges, risk, surface security and compliance more than ever. At the same time, organizations are experiencing a transformational shift from financial performance as the only measure of success to a broader definition that marries performance and purpose. In today's battlefield, the enemy is capable of executing large scale, well orchestrated massive attacks using a variety of advanced missiles and artillery. Traditional short range air defense systems focus on local defense, covering only a limited geographical area. As a result, defending large areas requires massive deployment of air defense systems, which consume excessive resources. Throughout the history of this nation, African americans have been involved in all major and minor conflicts that threaten the freedoms we have come to enjoy many of the stories of these brave men and women have been celebrated but have never been told in a way that highlighted their bravery and sacrifice to this nation. This story is about one such group of African americans who were called fought and died for this country. Their story has been told before, but now it is paramount to keep their acts of courage and sacrifice. Fresh in the minds of today's generations and generations to come september 15th 1963 The 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham Alabama. As worshippers feel the sanctuary, nothing can prepare the congregation for the horror to come. 12 sticks of dynamite are set to detonate beneath the nearby Stairwell. A phone rings in the church office three minutes, the bombers had issued their warning. The countdown had just begun to one of the most shocking crimes in the civil rights era. Yeah.