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Burly Southern Mature, Grizzled Character Commercial

Voice Over • Video Narration


Internet promo/commercial I did for CORE's Boost Omega-3 supplement. It's a character in the vein of Nick Offerman and Sam Elliot, with plenty of grit, twang, and straight-faced deadpan.

Vocal Characteristics


English (North American)

Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


North American


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the great Alaskan grizzly buries a lot of fish, do you? Not enough little bit? Clearly not as much as this guy. Why should you care? Because Fisher chock full of omega threes and you need them. That's where core boost Omega three comes in these two little soft jails, air purified and concentrated to make sure you get plenty of clean, high potency. D A, J and E P A. And every service in case you're wondering those with compounds that make omega three so good for your muscles, heart and overall health. In fact, just two servants of this stuff gives you enough. T h a N e p A. To help reduce body fat and enhance your body composition. Three. Servants helps your body build muscle and reduce inflammation. I wouldn't even think about going to the gym without taking this stuff. Also core boost. Omega three soft gels are designed to have an incredible absorption rate. You'd have to take nearly five of the leading brand to absorb as much as these two temples, and we all know how good omega threes are for your brain, which is scary because grizzly bears air smart enough seriously So for the good of your health, for the good of your heart and for the good of the human race, take core boost omega three. Check out coronate dot com for more information and to place an order.