When speaking normally my voice is of moderate pitch, not overly deep but certainly not high, I harshly pronounce certain sounds such as 'T' and 'R' in a smooth, if slightly scratchy manner.

When I am portraying a character (My specific skill) or creating an overall sense of feeling towards something (As in a movie trailer or advertisement) my voice can fluctuate wildly to take the form of may different voices.

All trace of my natural accent dissapears when creating a character of a certain origin and my voice can before dark and sinister right up to the innane and rediculous.

I can sound oppressive, demanding, cruel, callous, evil, mean, devious, powerful, overbearing, manipulative and mysterious.

Though the more sinister voices are my specialty I can also sound caring and considerate, as well as all out clumsy.

I can voice larger characters as my voice can become brutish and gruff and, if needed, rather dumb.

I can take on very believable and serious voices as well as overly dramatisd and rediculous voices as seen in various cartoons.

As seen below, I can do various accents with real accuracy but these can also be changed to be overly dramatised versions to be used in a less serious setting.

I can mimic voices brilliantly as well as form my own around the character or piece that I am given and I am constantly adding to my repertoire of voices and accents.

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