Hilary Paige. British Voice Over Artist & Voice Over Actor. "Whatever you have to say, you can usually say it better with a British accent" Hilary is a native of England whose keen recognition and voice duplication of a variety of British accents is extraordinary. Having lived and worked with fellow Brits from throughout the United Kingdom, she has developed a clear and appealing generic British recording voice which is perfect for almost any presentation that requires a sound that gets attention. Her voice abilities also include a surprisingly deep Southern (US) accent. With over 15 years experience in broadcast advertising, instructional media, audio books, as well as special projects that require a special voice, Hilary has the practical knowledge to work within the necessary parameters without sacrificing the quality of the production. She has been the voice of choice for clients in a variety of industries including retail, personal services, medical, restaurant, special events, sports, media self promotion, industrial instructional, product branding and institutional. Hilary can present her voice in a straight forward, business-like fashion, as well as a light and gracious commentary. Her voice can be smooth and elegant or quick and confident, calm or excited, serious or comical. The choice is yours. With her own in-home studio, she can offer a quick turn-around for those projects with close deadlines. In addition, Hilary has access to acclaimed copywriting services. Hilary will be happy to review your script for any project and provide a firm quote. Her rates are reasonable and she is happy to work with you in meeting budget requirements. If you think you would like Hilary to be the voice of your next project, please feel free to contact her via email and she will be happy to provide you with a brief demo of the project you are considering at no charge. Keywords; Articulate, Approachable, Authoritative, Believable,Classy, Clear, Comforting, Conversational, Corporate, Crisp, Confident, Demure, Dependable, Direct, Down to earth, Dynamic, Educated, Energetic, Engaging, Executive, Friendly, Fresh, Fun, Funny, Gentle, Genuine, Happy, Honest, Informative, Intelligent, Light, Mature, Meducal, Mom, Mum, Natural, Playful, Polished, Powerful, Professional, Pure, Real, Reassuring, Refreshing, Reliable, Rich, Sassy, Seasoned, Sexy, Sincere, Smart, Smokey, Smooth, Soft, Soothing, Sophisticated, Southern, Strong, Stylist, Sultry, Sweet, Talented, Trustworthy, Upbeat, Versatile, Warm, British

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Ranj Serious Games

Jan 31, 2011

Excellent job. Good quality. Delivery way before deadline.


Jan 13, 2011

Hilary was professional and prompt. We highly recommend her services.

Ranj Serious Games

Sep 15, 2010

Professional, communicative, flexible, great voice, good audio quality. Would re-hire any time.