Jack Armstrong’s life journey has included lots of stops – things like running nonprofit organizations, serving in the Peace Corps, owning a small business, running for Congress, acting, being a hospice volunteer –

But his greatest passion in life is using his voice, and the nuances of verbal communication, to convey an appropriate tone and quality to meet a client’s needs. Voiceover work is a source of pure joy for him, and he’s been doing it for more than 25 years.

Clients have used lots of adjectives to describe the quality of his work: approachable, authentic, believable, calming, casual, comforting, conversational, credible, educational, folksy, friendly, genuine, helpful, informative, knowledgeable, motivational, natural, professional, real, sincere, trustworthy, warm. The tone reflects the man.

Jack is a FICORE member of SAG-AFTRA, eligible for non-union work.

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