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german native, female german voice over, accent free
Hi I am a german native voiceover artist from Hamburg/Germany with more than 15 years of experience in the voiceover filed. I have a very versatile voice, age range is around 16-40 years.
Clear, warm, friendly, educational, young, sexy, precise, fresh, girl next door
-clear voice for narrations and presentations, documentaries, imagefilms
-crazy, smooth,sexy, funny voice for commercials
-smooth and professional for audio books, presentations, e-learning, on-hold
-young and funny voice for cartoons.
European English / English with a slight german accent

Accents and dialects:
german accents: westfahlian, saxon, viennese, bavarian, berlin, cologne

also foreign accents in german:
american, english, french, italian, spanish, turkish, polish, dutch, greek

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