My voice has been described to me as deep, rich, and resonate with a unique timbre. It is clear, distinct, and easily understood. People remember me by my voice. They may forget my name, but when I speak, they always remember me. I have done work for the local PBS station for their station ID's, auction promos, sponsor attributions, etc. When I recently started a new job, everyone agreed that they liked to hear me read the training screens that we were studying. I have received especially flattering and encouraging feedback from women who generally seem to find my voice appealing. I can do accents and characterizations, and enjoy exploring the range and variations possible with my voice. It is rare for me to find someone who doesn't find my voice authoritative, distinctive, and yet easy to listen to. I hope to do more volunteer work for our local PBS station, and to parlay that experience, and my innate ability into a rewarding profession.

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