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traditionally, the study of history hasn't focused much on diseases, partly because they're mysterious and terrifying and partly because they don't fit in very well with our ideas about history being the result of human agency. We'd like to imagine that things happen because humans are either awesome or terrible. But in fact history often happens because lots of people got smallpox or scarlet fever or the plague. And in historical texts often they're like, why did they die? Well, too much of that. My asthma and well that's not particularly helpful to us. Unconscious bias is often an obstacle to productive collaboration. This course will provide you with some actionable advice and take away challenges that can help to combat unconscious biases. While working with your team. From this course, you will develop awareness of your own unconscious biases, overcome stereotypes and prejudice in the workplace. Today we're gonna learn about computers. So what is a computer? Well, a computer is a machine that can follow instructions. I bet you're already pretty good at following instructions like a grown up may give you instructions on how to tie your shoes and if you don't do the steps in the right order, you might trip on your laces, computers use instructions to do all kinds of things. Things that are way harder than tying your shoes linda. You seem to be having a rough time managing your seventh period geometry class since this is your first year at this school. I'd like to help you explore some classroom management techniques that may help that would be great. Maybe it's the end of the day, but it's been difficult to keep this class focused on their work and not goofing off. Let's have you observed Wendy's third period class, She has some disciplinary challenges similar to yours and she's found some great ways to connect with those students and turn their behavior around. The strongest of the carbon halogen. Covalin bonds is that of florian, remarkably, this is the strongest common single bond to carbon, being stronger than a carbon carbon bond and a carbon hydrogen bond because of this alka fluoride and fluoride. Carbons in general are chemically and thermo dynamically quite stable and do not share any of the reactivity patterns shown by the other alcohol IEDs.