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Explainer - Growing Spearmint

Voice Over • Video Narration


A how-to video about growing mint.

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English (North American)

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growing experiment is not hard. In fact, sooner or later, If you plant your spearmint in the wrong place, you will ask yourself, how do I stop the men from growing? The most important thing to consider when planting most types of meant is placing it somewhere that it does not encroach on other plants in your landscape, spearmint is an excellent candidate for a container garden, but if you choose to plant in a bed or in the ground it should be spaced carefully, allowing for spreading three ft apart. Is a good rule for spearmint, which will allow time for your plant to mature to a sufficient height to harvest, harvesting is best done before the plant goes to flower as the flavor will be concentrated in the leaves. If you harvest consistently, you can get numerous halls of leaves throughout the season and can then dry your meant for use throughout the year. Mints prefer full sun to partial shade. Spearmint can also be grown indoors under a grow light or on a bright window sill.