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Explainer - How to Care for a Kitten

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A how-to video on kitten health care and raising kittens from the time they're born.

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English (North American)

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Young Adult (18-35)


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congratulations on getting a new kitten. Here's everything you need to know about being a good kitten parent, adding a new kitten to your family is an exciting time raising a kitten to adulthood can be an incredibly rewarding way to bond with your pet from the time they're born to their first birthday. These easy care tips can help you keep your pet happy and healthy throughout their first year. How to care for a newborn kitten. A mother cat will provide everything a young kitten needs until he is about four weeks of age, all you need to do is keep the family warm dry and in a dark private location. Mom will do all the feeding and cleaning. Sometimes the mother of a baby kitten is not around or unable to care for her little ones. If that's the case, you'll need to step in and help keep the kitties warm and fed. One of the most important things you can do to keep a kitten alive in the first few hours is by keeping the kitten warm. If a young kitten has cold ears, lips and pause, slowly raised his temperature by wrapping him in a blanket and holding him close to your body. Once he warms up, you can begin feeding him milk replacer formulated for kittens