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It was a recording I made to introduce my business CLEAN AM, stating the services offered and contact information

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Hi, everyone. Okay? Day has been fantastic. My name is Abby Ebola, and I want to introduce everyone to mining. Burned all new business rather cold cleaner again. It's called Cleaner. It's a new project. I was created by me, and it's a cleaning business. It offers cleaning and laundry services, she customers and the idea behind it Or what impact does business with the fact that I love cleaning. I love when everyone is like, you know, organized. I'm kind of like a neat freak. Anyone that knows me knows that I'm very particular about cleanliness and organization. So I'm being that, you know, everybody needs some extra cash, especially with the situation of our country. With respect to what you know, employees are being paid, and especially for new commerce and industries in various industries circles, Um, we don't get we don't get to be paid so much, and I thought of a way as to make extra income for myself and to boost my cash airflow. So I was like, Okay, why not start a business after the cleaning? Since I enjoy cleaning, you know, I can make that like is Side also So I was like okay, since I work on Mondays to Fridays and on Saturdays, I go for training organized by my employers. Well, I was, like, so late. I go to church, but after church, I can clean. You know, I can clean after church on Sundays. One or two arms on Sundays. So if you know, you need your home to get cleaned up to sparkle, maybe almost like snow, you know? Then you can call me on Zuri. Through 792286 09 again. 00792286 09 If you stay in Abuja or its endurance, that is lucky V I, p. Queen and areas like that and you need to get your own clean. Please call me again. The number is through 80792286 09 With that, have to church on Sunday to clean your own and get it, you know, sparkling and get it whitened if possible. So I just want to tell you that you won't regret following us. That is my business for the envision it to be, you know, to get bigger than so I set off. You know in the next three years old. My plan is to get other people involved to grow the business and impassive as much as possible. So please call me on that number and I'll be expecting your call. Thank you. And God bless. Yeah.