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General Demo

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Voice Over • Television Ad


This is a general demo to help demonstrate some of the range I have as a voice actor.

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the home depot is more than a store whether it supplies tools or just a little advice. We've got you covered. So stop procrastinating. Come to the home depot and start checking off some of those items on that to do. List the home depot. You can do it. We can help whether you've got one left foot or two. Gotta dance studios, gets them both moving from ballroom to ballet. Our teachers are trained to train the untrained. We know that everybody's got to dance and we need everybody every shape, every size, every age. All bodies to come on down to gotta dance and dance and bring both left feet close to start june 1st next on cartoon network. More of the Scooby doo marathon. Hey Scooby, save a Scooby snack for me in Lynchburg Tennessee. You can park in the middle of the road to talk with the neighbor about taxes or the weather. You can fill enough wild blackberries to fill a 10 bucket and you can see a distillery where Jack Daniel made whiskey way back in 18 66 we still make it in a slow deliberate fashion, much as he did one sip and you'll be glad to know. We don't ever plan to stop Jack Daniels smooth sipping Tennessee whiskey. Jump into summer with 30% off all dresses and shorts, 40% off all tank and swim and 50% off all teas, hurrying to get 30, 40 and 50% off at Old Navy. It's easy to see why ford has a top selling pickup truck in America because when you look into a ford, you'll find innovation, attention to details and exceptional value qualities that have made the ford F series America's best selling truck for 19 straight years with this kind of success, the next thing you'll see when you look into a ford pickup might just be yourself. Have you driven a ford lately?