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owls have extraordinary eyesight from long range that's due to their unique ocular structure. Instead of spherical eyeballs, they have I tubes that extend far back into their skulls. These act as dual telescopes, allowing owls to identify prey up to a mile away. There's one catch, however, they can't see very well up close. It's the summer of 18 64. As the civil war rages on Abraham, Lincoln is in a difficult reelection battle against Union. General George McClellan, the public has grown tired of war and McClellan is offering a peace settlement with the south. But then in september word reaches the north, the general Sherman has taken Atlanta. Suddenly Lincoln's campaign looks more promising on paper. Japan seems like a chaotic mess. Just think ancient temples next to space age skyscrapers bustling city centers and deeply tranquil gardens. How does this tiny nation keep it all together? But when you're on the ground walking through the streets of Tokyo or the estates of Kyoto, this crazy island comes together in glorious harmony when testing your hypothesis, it's critical that you isolate your variables. For instance, if you want to see what type of soil is best for growing corn, you should use the same type of corn seed in every sample group while giving them the same amount of sun and water. That way, if one group has a different result, you know, it's due to the type of soil.