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Audioguide to Galleria Borghese

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This is one of many audioguide tracks for the Galleria Borghese in Italy. The timing was directed to myself by the company and they provided the musical scores. I recorded all the text and edited it to the required speed, with the right timing and gaps for the company and then inserted the music.

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at the centre of the room of the Emperor's, we can admire one of John Lorenzo Bernini's most emblematic works, named the Rape of Professor Pena. Commissioned by the palaces owner Shipyard Borghese, the sculpture is inspired by the myth of pro subpoenas abduction by Pluto, the Greek Roman god of the underworld. According to legend, Pluto was tormented by a desire for companionship and upon noticing a beautiful maiden gathering flowers on the shores of Lake for Gaza, near the Sicilian city of Vienna. He immediately fell in love as masterly depicted in Bernini's sculpture. The God didn't hesitate to kidnap the girl, taking her to the gloomy underworld. However, Pluto hadn't considered that the victim was pro subpoena. The daughter of Cherries, the goddess of earth and harvests searching high and low for her daughter, Cherries eventually found the culprit of the abduction, and her despair soon turned into anger. The goddess cursed the land with such a violent famine. The Jupiter ordered pro subpoenas returned from the underworld. As the judge of the dispute, the king of the gods brokered a compromise Pro subpoena would spend six months on earth with her mother, Cherries and six months in the underworld with her husband, Pluto. Gian Lorenzo sculpture depicts the abduction in highly realistic detail, starting with Pluto s fingers grabbing the flesh of pro subpoena. The pristine Carrara marble used by the sculptor perfectly conveys the shape softness and Pluto s body proportions are reminiscent of ancient gladiators sculptures. One incredibly realistic detail is the small, barely visible mole on Pluto s back, showcasing all Bernini skill and genius. Despite the scenes drama, there is an underlying harmony to the composition emerging in small details such as the face and lips of processor Pena, who seems to sing rather than scream. Bernini was around 24 years old when he worked on the sculpture, completing it in 16 20 to the next year following the death of his uncle, Pope Paul. The fifth, Scipione Borghese gifted the statute of Monsignor Ludovic Ludovic easy in an effort to earn his favour. After the load of easy family line ran out and their legacy scattered, the sculpture changed hands several times, returning to its original home in 19 oh eight