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Palazzo Bo Audioguide

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Voice Over • Video Narration


Point of interest number 1 of the audioguide of the Palazzo Bo in Padua, Italy.

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England - Received Pronunciation (RP, BBC)


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one cartel in Nuevo Welcome to Palazzo del Bo, Pedro University's main site since the early 15 hundreds, though you quite likely already knew that, right? What many don't know is that in the Middle Ages, part of the building now known as Palazzo del Bo was a luxury hotel. The hospital, um Bovis. The hotel belonged to a butcher one Marcolino Bonanza genie, who had been given the building by local lords to thank him for providing meat to the citizens of Padua. When the Venetian army held the city under siege, the hotel's coat of arms recalled Mark Alina's name and profession. It was a book, Reynaud, an ox skull decorated with garlands. To these days, this coat of arms remains the symbol of the University of Padua. Many more fascinating information like this and some engaging family activity are awaiting you along the route, accessible by scanning the QR codes posted around Palazzo del Bo and Palazzo Laviano. Please be aware both buildings are still used nowadays by students and professors