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I believe a lot of things in my life didn't work out for me, whether being external factors or self sabotage, because I wouldn't put my identity into those things. For example, football, women and even early business exists a k a money. I would have made that my life, We kind of already Woods. I was so focused on those things that I made that my identity, if you would have asked me in 2010 who I waas, I would have told you I'm a football player, Mississippi State. And if you were to ask me who I was in 2013 I would have said I'm a business owner and I own so and so And there's nothing wrong with those choices of living. But there was something off with my explanation of myself. Those things that I named and believed at the time were career pass. They were my profession and hobbies, but not who I was, who I am. And just like most of us, it was so easy for me to say, Why me? Why is this happening to me? Why me? What did I do wrong? How did I get here? This is not how things were supposed to be. This is not how I dreamed it. No way. This is how I'm supposed to live. I could not figure it out. And even when things seem to be on the up, it always came back down. You name it. They were wrong. It never failed. I cannot figure out the issue, but I kept trying to fix it. I was always treating the symptoms instead of the disease which will always land me back in the same place. And I didn't know at the time. But I do know now I know Justus. Much as I know the sun was setting in, the sun will rise. I know I am. Which allows me to be free. It allows me to say no and it allows me to say yes. But most importantly, allows me to ignore the rest. I know who I am now. There is no person, place or thing that can change that. I know who I am. I'm a people builder. I'm a modern day superhero. I've been given the ability and the assignment to impact the lives of others, to not only find their passion here on Earth. But toe walk in that for most of my life I would ask for signs and discernment, and as a thing back, I realized I was giving them all a home. I just had an issue with seeing, hearing and feeling them. My senses were off. They just want strong enough. All because of my sense of identity was in the wrong place. I've been given a specific set of instructions, and now it's time for me to act on them. I'm on my way.