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Audiobook: Urban Fantasy with Romance PG-13

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2nd Audition Sample

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Her accent was almost Scottish, kai. What are you bringing into my home in the middle of the night? They were being attacked, kai began on strapping his weapons from his body. The light of the fire flickered over his large biceps in a distracting way. We cannot take in strays. The woman waved her hands wildly at us. Out by j Alex. Slavers chi tilted has had an emphasis, as though it explained everything before Tyler disappeared around the corner. He turned back. Hey, wanna hear a popcorn joke, then added, nah, it's too corny. His hand flew to his mouth and mock surprise. Oh, that popped out of nowhere. Oh, my word, Make it stop! I threw a popcorn kernel at him. He laughed, ducking behind the doorway.