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Sell Media Presentation video

Voice Over • Video Narration


A video presentation introducing a company during a conference

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Young Adult (18-35)


England - Received Pronunciation (RP, BBC), African (General)


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sell media The Future of MediaTek, a media tech service company with a 3 60 degrees marketing scope, utilizing innovation, strategic thinking and technology to revolutionize the media and marketing space. Our priorities are on creating lasting partnerships, executing beast book projects and developing unique products with competence in research and insight. Driven ideation and analytics. Media and data product development and marketing, media placement and management, live communications, experiential marketing project management Adopting data driven insights and media analysis We set our objectives. We innovate, we could create and we execute in the art of problem solving. Sell Media integrates tax solutions with strategic thinking to deliver exposure fused with engagement to her partners. C i t. And rebrand in the challenge obsolete branding a low visibility Our solution brand identity Revamp brand repositioning community penetration and management i o M I C. Development. The challenge. Lack of awareness on safe and legal immigration, Our solution Effective awareness campaign production of communication materials, Bush event and activation. The challenge Activation of client exhibition at the I Create Skills Festival for awareness and brand positioning. Our solution. Set up exhibition booth p r o mileage of the Bush brand as a semi skilled labor enhancement brand. GT Bank 737 Campaign The Challenge to project 737 as the financial language for what's the 411? Our solution. We created a fusion of an 80 l and b t l marketing campaign. Tagged 737 moments to depict a surprise gratification to commuters at exactly 7:37 a.m. While traveling to their place of work i FC FC MB Agency Banking Activation. The challenge from a research conducted the unbanked region in Nigeria amounted to 43% of the adult population. How then do we promote financial inclusion within the unbanked region? Our solution. We introduced F CMB banking to the unbanked, thereby increasing participation of banking activities through agency banking Thirst promoting with B T l activation. We achieved this by identifying, educating and registering consumers to be bankable by direct engagement of the D E socioeconomic class. To adopt agency banking that is without a brick and mortar of the bank. Sell Media Africa is a MediaTek service company ready to partner with you using technology to solve all your complex business solutions while combining physical and digital exposure to achieve engagement. Sell media Visibly touched, sell media visibly touched, sell media visibly touched, sell media visibly touched