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Voice Over • Television Ad


This is a short monologue I wrote for a solo performance I did.

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Young Adult (18-35)


British, North American


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the saddest part about disappearing is going used to it. He's sick and laugh. You talk and agree you see and comprehend, but you are not there, you are withdrawn. What you touch turns to dust and when you exhale, you are pushed backwards into a coffin locked with everything you could ever dream to forget. The saddest part about disappearing is the reason you disappeared. Why did you leave? Who made you leave? What made you leave? Where is your love? You lurk in your dark times and you look at all that there is and you also look at the nothingness that belongs here in this life. You think down down into an amethyst sky because you have become so amended to what is and what has to be that you can do things such as sink down into an amethyst sky. You left and when the real sun comes up, you talk and laugh and listen and you count down the hours until you can unveil your despondency and soak into your Onix tub of nightmares. You have no shadow. You do not exist. Everyone knows that you're there, but no one can see you. Mhm. Where do you lay at night? Where does your mind sleep disappearing? Was effortless. But to come back would be almost non execute herbal. And that is why you perish. It hangs on your shoulders like a heavyweight. You've grown addicted to carrying your eyes dark, crowded, an obscure, your body moving but motionless. And you not the you who others can touch in view, but the you who actually endures the thing that you cannot help but feel is separating and withering into the crevices of the memories and anguish you dared to never visit. You are alone and you are not afraid. You loved the emptiness and you have no means to return to the place that did not need you. And you perished. We perished. I perished.